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Shazam Player: Get Lyrics, YouTube Vids & Other Info About Songs [iOS]

The stock music player in iOS is pretty good, and this is specially owing to the fact that it links up seamlessly with iTunes and the huge collection of songs it has to offer. Despite this, there are a lot of alternative music players available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, like the beautiful “Skins“. Shazam is a well-known name when it comes to music-related apps, and this time they have gone a step further by launching a complete music player for iDevices. Shazam Player comes with a lot of interesting features, about which you can learn more by heading past the break.

Shazam Player iOS Shazam Player LyricsPlay

As soon as Shazam Player is launched, it will ask for your permission to scan the music library and import all the songs and playlists found there. The imported data can be found in the Library section of the app. You are likely to find relevant information about most of the songs in Shazam Player, and the feature which is used to manipulate this related data is called LyricPlay. All songs, for which LyricPlay is available, will be listed in this section. You can play other songs in the player too, but for LyricPlay songs, more options will be displayed. As soon as you tap a song, the main player will start up, which is designed to be pretty simplistic. The controls are similar to the stock music app, but if you hit the small blue arrow next to the playing song’s name, it’s a whole new story.

Shazam Player Playlist Options Shazam Player YouTube Shazam Player Tour Dates

In the blue arrow menu, you can stream lyrics and watch the complete bio of the artist whose song is currently being played. The most useful feature in this menu is the display of Tour Dates of the artist, which provides complete information about the time, date and ticket availability for the shows. Expected shows near your current location are also displayed. If you want, you can share a song over Twitter and Facebook right from within Shazam Player as well. The YouTube button in all songs is there to take you to the videos related to the playing song or its artist. Using the app, you can create playlists as well, based on how much you like a particular song. There are 2 lists which are already there in the app, simply named Good List and Bad List.

Shazam Player is a free app, and you can start using it without having to give up any of the features offered by the stock Music app in iOS.

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  • I cannot even listen to song with this player without wifi for the 1st scan of lyric library. So, no way its an alternative to the default music app or app like ezmp3 player