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ShoeBox For Android & iOS Lets You Scan Old Photos, Auto-Adjusts Edges & Perspective

ShoeBox by 1000memories is an online image gallery specifically dedicated to your old photos. It is a platform where you can gather all the old, scanned snaps that might be lying on your computer, smartphone or across various social media sharing platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. The service presents you with various category-based ShoeBox (album) templates under which you can place all relevant snaps. You can also create your own ShoeBox, and share it with the entire world. Moreover, there is also the option to keep a ShoeBox private, wherein only authorized users (collaborators) can view the content contained within the album. ShowBox has both an iOS app (which has been around for a while now), and a freshly released Android client, both of which sport smart edge detection and automatic perspective adjustment so that you close to no effort is required at your end to make the scans look flawless.


The app’s UI looks a truly well-polished article, and most of the available features are pretty simple to use. It lets you explore images contained within various public ShoeBoxes. You can also log in to the app using your ShoeBox or Facebook account to get into the sharing side of things yourself. New accounts can be created from within the app for free. Once logged in, you can start scanning your old photo albums to have them nicely organized within your personal ShoeBoxes. For this, hit the red scan button at the top.

The app also lets you import an existing image from your device’s gallery. Once that is done, you can crop it to get rid of all the rough edges, and get the image perspective right. You’ll notice that the app, using its edge-detection feature, automatically does a little adjustment by itself. At times, you might not even need to adjust the edges manually.

Past that, the app allows you to rotate the cropped image, and finally, choose the ShoeBox to which you wish to upload the image. In this regard, you can create a ShoeBox from scratch (with custom privacy settings) or upload your image to an existing ShoeBox.


Finally, you’re prompted to specify various details, such as the image caption, date (decade, year or month) and location. Moreover, you can tag people to the photos, and decide whether you want to share the image on Facebook or not.

After logging in, you can see a of a total of three main tabs at the top of the app’s main interface. The Shoeboxes tab lists all your personal collections. The Uploads tab lists all the images that you’ve uploaded to 1000memories whereas from the Explore tab, you can dive into the world of vintage photos shared by other ShoeBox users.


ShoeBox is absolutely free in the Google Play Store, and requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

Download ShoeBox for Android

Download ShoeBox for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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