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Shoot & Edit Slow-Motion HQ Videos With Your iPhone Using SloPro

Videos that are rich in action appear even more dramatic if they are played in slow-motion, and with the right sound effects int he background. SloPro is an iOS app that allows users to shoot videos in slow-motion, and that too, in high quality. There are a few video editing options available in the app as well, which allow you to adjust the frame rate and other aspects of your action sequences. The app also has a default soundtrack that is applied to each clip. This cancels out the original sound in the video by default, but you can opt to keep that as well. So, the app can be used for two main purposes; creating slow motion videos and suppressing undesirable background noise.

SloPro Settings

Using SloPro is extremely simple. As soon as you launch it, you will be taken to its video capturing screen. If you have an iPhone 4S, you will be able to shoot videos at 60 frames per second, as opposed to the usual 30 FPS. This gives a stunning quality to the videos shot with SloPro. Before you begin shooting, or load a video into the app, you can choose to switch off the Slo Mo mode, and use the app as an ordinary video capturing alternative. Flash can be enabled and disabled in this way as well. By hitting the settings icon in the bottom bar, users can toggle between Sound FX or the video’s original sound. The same menu has the option for letting you decide the speed to which the video will be reduced.

SloPro Edit SloPro Share

Once a video has been shot successfully, you can make changes to it within the editor offered by SloPro. Fine scrubbing is possible by swiping across the video in editing mode. Trimming the video, and changing the rate of movement is also easy, using the 4 editing options in the bottom bar that allow users to adjust each frame individually. Videos created in SloPro can be shared over Facebook and YouTube, but if you want to get the option to save the video to your device, an in-app purchase of $1.99 is needed. However, don’t think that this watermark limitation renders the app useless, you can still share the videos without any watermark, it just appears when you try to export the clip. That upgrade also removes the SloPro watermark from videos. You can download SloPro by heading to the following link.

Download SloPro

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  1. I upgraded to the pro version and I don’t see the fx or sound button anywhere, which is why I upgraded as the sound is terrible once you mess with the speed. Please help. Thank you

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