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Shoot & Share 360 Degree Photos From iPhone With SpinCam

If you have read our list of 15 best photo editing apps for iOS devices, then you must have noticed that the one app which stands out from the crowd is Microsoft’s Photosynth. The panorama-stitching service brings something pretty unique to your iPhone, and lets you capture the scene around you in great detail, and from almost every angle. SpinCam is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which is based on essentially the same concept (though it is nowhere near as advanced as Photosynth), and using it, you can shoot photos in 360. This means that the targeted objected will be captured from all sides, and then the app automatically stitches all the images to provide you with a single animation. Confused? Read on to know more.

SpinCam iPhone SpinCam Popular

SpinCam is not just a camera for your iDevice, it also has a complete sharing system of its own. In addition to linking your Facebook account with the app, you also get the option to share your creations with other users of SpinCam. When the app is launched for the first time, you are taken to the Popular section, which lists those photos from other users which have received a positive response. You can view any of these photos, and add your comments and likes to them as well, after linking Facebook with SpinCam.

SpinCam Photo SpinCam Camera View

To start shooting 360 photos of your own, hit the the big camera button in the middle of the bottom bar. The camera view in SpinCam is pretty simple, and you just have to hit the green Start button on the screen. Once you have done that, start moving the camera all around the target object, the app will detect automatically when all the required angles have been captured, and then you will be notified to stop shooting. Once you are done taking the picture, you can choose to publish it to Facebook, or just keep it saved for later use.

SpinCam is a pretty good app, and it’s price ($0) makes it a must-have.

Download SpinCam

 Update: SpinCam now lets its users change the visibility of photos even after they have been published. This is a huge boost for privacy-concious users. However, it must be kept in mind that the app sets the visibility of photos to  Public by default. Another change brought to the mix by updates is the addition of some really handy sharing options. Users can now post their panoramic photos to Twitter, or send them to friends via email.

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