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ShutterVox Brings Voice Activated Photo Shooting To The iPhone

Just when you think iOS can have no more camera apps (with such a large number of functionalities already covered), another completely fresh app pops up in the App Store. The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad come with pretty good cameras and to take full advantage of your purchase, there are a lot of apps available which help in optimizing the camera of your gadget to bring the best out of it. The latest addition to iOS’s camera-related apps is ShutterVox. Now you don’t have to hold your heavy iPad while you snap pictures, a polite verbal request to your iDevice will be enough to have it start snapping photos.

Camera Vox 1Camera Vox 2

At first glance, ShutterVox might look like a childish, cosmetic sort of app, but it isn’t. The app can come in handy in a number of scenarios. But first let us see what this app actually does.

Once you launch it, the camera screen will open up, which is really just the stock camera framed within a different interface. You will see a red button at the bottom, but don’t be fooled, that’s not for taking pictures.

Use two fingers simultaneously to tap the headphone icon watermarked on the screen, this effectively makes the app go active. Just say “Cheese” loudly and the camera will snap the picture for you. How is this helpful? It removes the human error factor from the photo, as you can put your iPhone on a flat, stationary surface and get a completely stable and focused picture without touching the device.

ShutterVox does not offer a large number of camera features (with just flash control available), but when you don’t have anyone to take your picture, and using the camera timer isn’t suitable, this app might just do the trick for you. Having said that, we will be really happy if the developer of the app revamps its interface, adds a few more features to the camera (maybe some filters and photo effects), along with support for front-facing cam.

Download ShutterVox (Lite) for iOS

Download ShutterVox for iOS

[via Lifehacker]

 Update: Shutter Vox has been updated with better voice recognition. You can sat anything, or just clap, in order to make the app snap a photo. The range of the sound recognition is also more enhanced. In the pro version of Shutter Vox, the interface of the app is now better than before too.

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