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Silent Film Director: Create & Share Vintage Videos From iPhone

Who doesn’t like to add a touch of classic to their creations? Hollywood might look like a world of colors to you these days, but things weren’t always like this. In the times of Charlie Chaplin, movies had to rely on gestures and text flashes to convey their meaning, and those silent, black and white movies were represented some of the best works of art in their time. Silent Film Director is an iOS app which gives you a taste of how the creators of those movies must have thought and felt. Using this app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can shoot videos and give them a variety of vintage visual and audio effects. Not only that, Silent Film Directory has a gallery of its own, where users can show off their masterpieces to everyone.

Silent Film Director Home Silent Film Director Options

To start creating a classic of your own, just tap the Action! button on the homepage of the app, and it will take you to Silent Film Director’s shooting section. There you get the options to load video from your device’s library, or shoot one from within the app. In either case, users can pick the effects they want to apply to the video. To get a hang of things, you can keep the default settings and see how things work out for the video. There are 4 settings to choose from in Silent Film Director, and they include Effect, Quality, Soundtrack and Video Time Scale.

Silent Film Director Effects Silent Film Director Timescale Silent Film Director Sounds

To choose which visual effect you want to apply to the video, go to the Effect section, where there is a choice of 6 effects. A similar choice exists for soundtracks which the app will play in the background of the video. In addition to the music pieces available within the app, you can import a sound clip from your iPhone’s library as well. To give the whole thing a more authentically old feel, the app has the option to add Noise and Fade effects to the video as well. As most videos were at a speed faster than real-life in those days, you can select the time scale of the video you are editing and speed things up. There is also the option to play it in reverse. Apart from these effects, if you make an in-app purchase of $0.99, you can get the options to add text tiles (along with many attractive fonts) and the ability to add images to your videos as well as extracting images from the video.

Silent Film Director Sharing Silent Film Director Contest

All the videos you edit or create using Silent Film Director can be shared with your friends via email, YouTube and Facebook. There is also the option to Submit to Contest, thus adding the video to the app’s own gallery where other Silent Film Director users can view it.

Silent Film Director runs for $1.99, and even if you choose not to make the additional in-app purchase, the app is still pretty good and certainly worth a download.

Download Silent Film Director


  1. purchased this for my iPhone…loved it!…but now I have a Samsung Galaxy ( Android ) and find that it doesn’t exist for the android market….come on peeps….develop it for Android…..please!

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