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SilverDict: Collection Of Free Offline Encyclopaedias & Dictionaries For WP7

Android and iOS users have some pretty good options available when it comes to dictionaries, like the previously covered WordWeb and the official Merriam-Webster app. Windows Phone 7 might not be as lucky as the aforementioned platforms until now, but things might have taken a turn for the better with the release of the SilverDict app for Mango phones. Instead of having only one dictionary for offline use, this app will let you install any dictionary, encyclopaedia or acronym list of your choice, as long as you find it in the StarDict format. If you are not sure where to find such content, don’t worry, SilverDict has plenty of them available for free in its online repository. In addition to that, you can use the app to sync material from SkyDrive and Dropbox.

SilverDict Repo SilverDict Settings

If you have got any StarDict files in your cloud accounts, just go to the Dictionary Manager and sign in to the respective account. Just double tap the desired file and it will be downloaded to your WP7. A much easier method for getting the dictionaries is to look through the app’s online repository. Not only are there some of the most popular dictionaries present there, like Merriam-Webster and Oxford, but you will also find a lot of encyclopedias and other reference material in the said repository. Double tap any dictionary in the repo to download it, and it is better if you keep the screen active all the while it is being installed. In the Settings menu of the app it is possible to set options like input saving, image scale factor and word count to be displayed at a time.

SilverDict Dictionary SilverDict Encyclopedia

After you have sufficiently populated the dictionary list of your device, you can commence using the app’s search feature. Even when offline, SilverDict will generate autosuggestions, and tapping any of them will let you see the keyword’s details. If you searched for a term which is found in one of the encyclopedias installed on your device, then you will be given a complete description, along with a photo (if available). Under the search box in the app there are tabs, and tapping any of them after keying in a term will take you to the results from that source.

SilverDict is a must-have for just about all WP7 users, it is available for free (although with a few annoying ads), and using the app is really easy. You can grab it by heading to the web Marketplace link below.

Download SilverDict

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