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SimpleWiFi Adds A Slim WiFi Toggle & IP Address To iPhone Notification Center

For all the SBSettings users, many of the tweaks available in the Cydia store are useless or redundant. You want to toggle off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or your data connection? SBSettings can do that. You want to view your iDevice’s IP address or other network info? Just swipe across your phone’s status bar. However, this doesn’t mean that a tweak that performs one of these tasks is completely worthless. There are certain scenarios when SBSettings cannot come to your rescue. What if you are using an app in full screen mode? SBSettings can’t be launched there. Notification Center, on the other hand, is truly universal and can be launched from anywhere in iOS. This is what makes SimpleWiFi a useful tweak. It is basically a Notification Center widget that provides its users with a toggle for Wi-Fi, and displays the current network’s name along with your iPhone’s IP address.

SimpleWiFi Cydia SimpleWiFi NC

The SimpleWiFi widget is available for download in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and once you have installed it to your iDevice, there will be no immediate change in the Notification Center. This is owing to the fact that SimpleWiFi has to be manually enabled, like most other Notification Center widgets. To do that, go to the stock Settings app, and in the Notification Center menu toggle on SimpleWiFi. Now launch Notification Center on your device, and you will see that the new widget has been added to it. If there is some problem even after doing all that, just respring your device once.

SimpleWiFi has a small and uncomplicated Wi-Fi toggle, next to which is the SSD (the name) of the network your device is currently connected to. The last field in the widget is occupied by the IP address of your iPhone. The widget can get even better than it currently is if the developer makes the toggle a bit bigger and more easily accessible in future updates. For now, many users might struggle a bit if they try to use the toggle in a hurry. Apart from that, it is a good thing that SimpleWiFi does not waste too much space on your iPhone, and you can get a lot of other widgets in NC if you want to. The tweak might not be too flashy, but the functionality it offers is certainly good enough to merit a download, especially given the fact that SimpleWiFi is a free tweak.

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