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Sketch Cam: Make Your Photos Look Hand-Drawn Or Pixelated

Although the stock camera app for iOS is pretty good, there are a lot of apps out there which make shooting photos even more fun. It is one thing to apply effects to a photo which has already been taken, but it does look impressive if you can get a preview of the scene in front of you before you actually take the picture. Sketch Cam is an app for the iPhone, using which you can snap photos with 8 different effects, and all of the effects offered by the app give really good end results.

Sketch Cam Sketch Cam Options

Sketch Cam acts as a replacement app for the stock camera, and that is why you are taken straight to the preview screen as soon as you launch the app. The app even has almost all the options you will find in the stock camera, like flash settings and the front facing camera switch. You can focus on any point in the scene in front of you by tapping that area of the screen. To apply an effect to the photo, you have to tap the button located at the left of the bottom bar in Sketch Cam.

Sketch Cam Pixelated Sketch Cam Colors

The effects presented by the app are mostly sketching and drawing ones, and are there to give your pictures an artistic look. There are filters like Colors, Real, Blue, Pixelate, etc. Once you have found the effect you were looking for, there is the camera button to snap the photo with the chosen effect. You can preview any photo shot with Sketch Cam before saving or sharing it by tapping the icon in the display menu. If you don’t like the end result, the photo can be easily deleted by hitting the cross button on the top left of it. In addition to saving the photo to your device’s Camera Roll, you can use the app to share your handiwork over Twitter or via email.

The free version of Sketch Cam is fully functional, but has just one drawback; the saved or shared photo will have the name and logo of the app added to it. To remove this watermark, you can upgrade to the pro version via an in-app purchase worth $0.99. However, even the free version of the app is enough to give you a taste of how much fun Sketch Cam could be, if you are into shooting photos with effects. Sketch Cam can be downloaded by going to the App Store link given below.

Download Sketch Cam

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