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Ski Champion: Super Fast Downhill Skiing Gameplay [iOS Game]

Who doesn’t love skiing? This exciting and adventuresome sports pump in some serious adrenaline anyway. It surely is fun but for those of us who don’t get a chance to do it on the snow, we have our iDevices for that. Ski Champion is a brand new skiing game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, developed by Majaka. This epica game will give you a taste of an exhilarating fast race down the hill, where you will engage in fast-paced gameplay that requires precise tilting to get pass the gates on your way. The game contains a total of 15 unique levels, each of which comes with a different location and difficulty setting. Is it worth downloading? Read on to find out after the jump, along with some screenshots.

Ski Champion Homescreen Ski Champion Roundclear

The game uses the device’s accelerometer as a means  to control directions of the skier. Once you begin your run, you need to get past the finish line as fast as you plausibly can, while passing through the marked flags on your way. Every upcoming gate is marked with an on-screen indicator, giving you a vague guess of the upcoming gate. A perfect pass saves you bonus time which means more rewards. Getting to the end line in less time rewards the player with medals (bronze, silver and gold, respectively). Any off track movement results in a sudden game over and same goes for instances in case you fall off your feet, so make sure you have steady hands and sharp eyes.

Despite being an fun-filler, there are certain quirks with the overall game design, like it is not well optimized for the iPad and the control scheme is a big turn off, especially if you hate tilt controls (count me in). Moreover, the game is highly difficult and aiming for gold in each level seems highly impossible. In addition, you need to purchase either in-game coins or obtain gold medals to unlock later races.

Ski Champion Gameplay1

Ski Champion Gameplay2 Ski Champion Finish

The game lacks any visual plaudits as the graphics seem average (in fact, abysmal) and there is not any in-game music, other than during the menu sequence. There are also no game settings to tinker like changing controls etc.

Overall, Ski Champ can be your average time-pass if you don’t have anything interesting to do on your phone. You can grab the game directly from iTunes App Store, via the download link provided below.

Download Ski Champion

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  1. the game is fun and a change from those hundreds of games that aim to simulate directly skying jetskying car racing etcetera. a very refreshing time. very easy to understand how to play. simple graphics I find them pleasing. try it !

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