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Skinery For WP7: Create & Apply Custom Skins To Start Screen Tiles

A lot of people who have shifted to Windows Phone 7 from Android (or jailbroken iOS), complain that among the main features they miss on the platform, one is the option to apply customizable themes. Even I was quick to notice that some of the Live Tiles on my Start screen do look a bit dull because of the single, solid color which serves as their background color. HTC HD7 owners can enjoy customizable skins by flashing currently available custom WP7 ROMs for their devices. as a huge bonus point. Now, however, anyone using a WP7 device can have a tastefully customized Start screen using a free app named Skinery.

Skinery WP7 Default Skinery

Skinery comes packed with three default skins, and you can use any of them by pinning the given items to your Start screen. The skins available by default are Nature, Fantasy and Zen. All these themes are double-sided and if you wait for a few seconds, a whole new scene will unfold before your eyes. The app has tiles for stock apps only (Internet Explorer, Phone, Marketplace and other such stock WP7 hubs), which makes sense. In each theme, the background of each tile is part of an image. This effectively creates a mosaic of sorts, provided the tiles are arranged in the right. You will have to pin each tile one by one, and then place it according to its position in the collage.

That’s just half of what Skinery is all about. The app can be used to create your very own mosaics, from images in your local library. Just go to the Create Skin section of the app and choose two photos. One will be divided and used as the front face of each the tile, and the other will show up at the back. It is your own duty to adjust the photo in a way that it will make the mosaic look perfect. Despite the stunning end result you get on your Start screen, there are a few issues which might make you turn away from the app. Each tile that you pin to the Start screen from within Skinery acts as a shortcut to the associated application (say Internet Explorer). This makes launching the apps a bit slow. In our humble opinion, this isn’t as unfavorable a trade-off as it seems. The attractive new Start screen that you get fully compensates for this discrepancy.

Download Skinery


    • It redirects you to the stock Phone hub rather than launching it in one go, so might appear to be a bit different.

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