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SKITUDE For Android Provides Navigation & Real-Time Info For Avid Skiers

With the arrival of winter season, avid mountaineers, skiers and snowfall lovers head to the snowy mountains and ski resorts to have some fun and adventure. Fresh to the Android Market, SKITUDE is arguably one of the most informative and feature-packed skiing apps out there. The app keeps you apprised of all the potential points of interest and hazards that you might come across during your ventures.

The highlights of the app include a detailed list of worldwide ski resorts, forecast weather and snow reports, real-time social feeds, emergency dialing numbers, location tracking, and information about availability of services/facilities near resorts of interest. That’s not all; you can also keep a track of your skiing/snowboarding activities via in-depth statistics and recorded data. The app caches content so that you can access it while offline.

SKITUDE-Android-Home SKITUDE-Android-Resort

SKITUDE presents all the information via a neatly designed and simple interface that is divided into three main tabs, namely Glocal, Config and Profile.

When launched, the app uses your device’s GPS to determine the nearest resort, and displays it under the Glocal tab along with its approximate distance from your location. Also in this screen, you have the option to instantly jump to your Favorite resorts, or pick one from the list.

SKITUDE-Android-Map SKITUDE-Android-Weather

From within a particular location’s screen, you can explore all the aforementioned details and information. Not only does the app display a 4-day weather forecast, but also the current status of the resort in question, and provides you the option of filtering nearby locations (facilities) of interest in multiple ways Real-time feeds from Facebook and Twitter are displayed at the bottom of the screen. To switch to a different location, hit the Change Resort button at the top-right of the screen.

SKITUDE-Android-Favorites SKITUDE-Android-SOS

Under the Profile tab, you’ll find your Tracking zone, Favorite resorts, and Accumulated statistics in detail. From within Tracking zone, you can view a detailed history of your tracks and start recording new ones.

SKITUDE-Android-History SKITUDE-Android-Record

To check an overall record of your tracking details such as skied time, average duration, total distance covered, top speed, and fastest/longest track, just hit the Accumulated statistics button on the Profile screen. From within the Config tab on the app’s homescreen, you can activate Offline mode, and/or switch to Imperial units.

SKITUDE-Android-Stats SKITUDE-Android-Settings

Despite bring quite feature-rich, SKITUDE is still not complete by any means. In future updates, the developer promises to add several other goodies to the app, such as augmented reality support for resorts, real-time location tracking of friends and family, sharing tracking statistics with other users, and lots more.

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