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SkyAMP For Android Streams Music From Your Windows Live SkyDrive

Not having the official SkyDrive client to access their Windows Live content is undoubtedly frustrating for Android users, but that does not imply that people are completely isolated from their cloud content when on Android.   There are numerous third party clients that help you connect to your Windows Live account, and most of them bring a specific purpose to the table. For instance, some are photo browsers, some file explorers and the like. SkyAMP is a cloud-based MP3 player for Android that allows you to stream and download audio from your Windows Live SkyDrive. Just upload your favorite tracks to your Windows Live SkyDrive from your PC and stream them on your device anytime and anywhere. The app allows access to registered Windows Live users only. Get a SkyDrive ID now if you don’t have one already.

Using SkyAMP is as easy as one, two, three. Once you log in with your Windows Live ID, the app displays your remote SkyDrive directories. All you need to do is trace the folder(s) containing music files, select preferred tracks, add them to the SkyAMP playlist and you’re done! Enjoy your favorite tracks on your Android via live streaming from SkyDrive.

Interface of SkyAMP music player is quite simple and includes all basic playlist features such as shuffle, sequential play and repeat. Just put the album cover with the music tracks in the relevant folder and SkyAMP will display it as an album art for you. With the sharing feature of SkyAMP, you can also share music with your friends.

All in all, SkyAMP is a handy music player for dedicated music-lovers who would like to have access to their favorite music from anywhere. SkyAMP can prove to be a worthy companion if you are short of storage space on your device or don’t have your favorite tracks stored in the SD card. Downloaded tracks are saved in the app’s cache and can be accessed even if you’re offline. On the downside, SkyAMP crashed quite a few times on HTC Desire Z and Samsung Galaxy S during our brief test run.

Also, Lite version of SkyAMP is somewhat restricted in its functionality and does not allow adding more than three tracks to the playlist. To avail this feature, you’ll have to purchase the full version of SkyAMP.

Download SkyAMP Lite (Free)

Download SkyAMP (Paid)

Update: The app seems to have been removed from the Google Play Store.

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