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Skyclerk: Manage Financial Transactions & Ledgers On The Go [Android]

Business owners who are looking for effective means of managing their financial accounts should be delighted to learn about the release of the official Skyclerk client for Android. Skyclerk has helped many business owners manage their accounting tasks through its efficient web services and now, Android users can avail the account-keeping features of said service on their device. With the official Skyclerk app, users can maintain/update detailed ledgers pertaining to various income and expenses on the go.


The decision of Skyclerk to launch its official smartphone client for Android and iOS (scheduled to release later) would surely bring some relief to owners of small as well as large businesses as they can now relish the prospects of managing their business ledgers on their devices. Not only does this account for paper-free accounts management but more importantly, it lets users update and maintain their ledgers as they occur. Skyclerk lets you create separate income and expense entries along and add brief details to each. You can view all entries streamlined on the app’s homescreen with the relevant income/expense amount displayed beside each entry. Moreover, the app also helps you keep a close check on your net profit/loss, which is automatically updated as you feed in new entries.


But to avail all these features, you first need to subscribe to the service. It’s free and you can easily set up a fresh account from within the app (in case you don’t have one). Once you log in with your Skyclerk account, you’ll find the Add Income and Add Expense buttons on the app’s homescreen.

For each income/expense entry you wish to create, you can provide various details such as contact, category, date and the amount of transaction (in US dollars). For reminders, you can add personal notes, labels and a freshly captured image. Once done, just tap on the Add Income/Expense button to add the entry to your ledgers. While you may select from Returns, Sales or Other Income for your income related categories, the app provides you with a wide array of categories for your various expense entries.


Apart from the Add Income and Add Expense buttons, the app’s homescreen contains four tabs: Ledger, Search, Logout & Hide.

Tapping on the Ledger tab displays various records pertaining to your income and expenses along with your net profit/loss (at the bottom right). You can switch between your  Income, Expenses and All entries using the buttons at the bottom. Tap on an entry to reveal its details. The menu containing said details also provides the option to delete that particular entry. The Hide button can be tapped to hide the Add Income/Expense buttons.


Skyclerk is an ideal assistant for all your business transactions. Hopefully, future versions would add even more enterprise-oriented features to this handy business utility.

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