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Skype For Android Updated, Gets UI Tweaks, Photo, Video & File Sharing

Skype holds its own in the world of VoIP calling apps. After making its mark among computer users, the company is doing equally well among smartphone users as well. Their companion app for Android and iOS app offers almost all the features that we are used to enjoying with the desktop counterpart. That said, constant updates and improvements are helping the official mobile app of Skype get closer to its desktop variant, if not surpass it. The official Skype client for Android, that has been satisfying a majority of users for quite some time, just got even better with its latest update (v2.6) that, in addition to adding support for quite a few more devices, brings a new, more polished homescreen, the option to send photos, videos and other files to your Skype contacts, voicemail and battery enhancements, better video quality for Tegra devices, auto sign-in and a more user-friendly method to sign out of the app.


Apart from the new icons, you will also notice a new button in the top-right corner of the app’s homescreen. Tapping this button lets you sign out of the app with a single tap, without having to open the app menu (Menu > Sign out), as was required in previous versions. Another handy aspect of the app is that, upon tapping the sign out button, it prompts you to automatically log you in the next time you launch the app. This saves you from the hassle of repeatedly providing your credentials each time you wish to use Skype.


Another things that the team behind Skype has released is the rather plain IM segment of the app. WhatsApp has long been revered for its capability to allow users share files between them during chats. The same feature can now be enjoyed on Skype as well. You’ll find the new Send file option under the Actions tab on a contact’s screen. Tapping said option opens your device’s local storage, allowing you to share any file with the selected contact. Files received from other users can be found within the /sdcard/Download folder. The option to send files to your contacts is undoubtedly a handy addition, however, it would’ve been much better if this option had been integrated within the messenger interface as well. Lets hope the developers add said feature in future updates.

The link provided below will take you to Skype for Android’s Google Play Store page.

Download Skype for Android


  1. could anyone help me with an apk direct download other than gplay.bcos on my hcl me tab am not having gplay support pls help me out

  2. One problem with SKYPE on Android:  On many (not all, but I’ve heard most) Android phones, Skype tries to push Google Voice off to the side, and usurp it.  I have Google Voice installed and configured such that my Google Voice number auto-forwards to my Android smartphone (and so I actually only ever give out my Google Voice number and never my real smartphone number); and I have the Google Voice app on my Android phone configured so that it asks me every time I make an outgoing call whether I want to make it using my regular A&T number, or my Google Voice number.

    Well, installing Skype completely undid that second part… the part where I get to choose between my regular AT&T, or my Google Voice number, for all outgoing calls.  Once Skype was installed, the choice became my regular AT&T number or my Skype number, and the Google Voice choice was nowhere to be found.

    I haven’t tried this new and updated version of Skype, but from what I’m reading about what’s changed in it, the problem likely still exists.  But I’ll test it, when I get a chance, and see.  I’m not hopeful, though.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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