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SlideToMod: Customize Your Lockscreen & Unlock Slider [Cydia Tweak]

If you have a jailbroken iOS device, then you must be familiar with the plethora of themes and other cosmetic accessories which form the bulk of objects on offer in most repositories. The personalized themes let you make changes to your iPhone’s keyboard, background colors, lockscreen and even the slider at the unlock screen. SlideToMod is a new Cydia tweak which will ensure that you can customize the lockscreen and slider of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the exact way you want. The tweak will let you personalize the unlock slider’s text, and you can also remove any stock icons you want as well. Read on to know all about this easy-to-use tweak.

SlideToMod Custom Slider SlideToMod Settings

SlideToMod is a free tweak, and you can download it by going to the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store. After its installation, the tweak can be used to make the desired changes by going to the Settings app, as no change is made to the Springboard of your device by SlideToMod. There are two section of the tweak’s Settings menu; one is for personalizing the slider on the unlock screen, while the other option can come in handy if you want to get rid of some of the options and icons which are there on the lockscreen by default, like camera and music controls.

SlideToMod offers you the option to replace the stock slider text of slide to unlock with any text of your choice. To do that, enable the tweak in the settings menu, and then toggle on the Custom label option. Put in the text you want to be displayed, and you are done. Instead of a customized label, SlideToMod also lets its users display the present date and time in the slide bar as well, or you can just make it appear blank by choosing the Nothing options. The icons and shortcuts on the lockscreen which can be removed using this tweak include the SlideShowButton, Camera and MusicControls. You can also remove the unlock slider altogether, but make sure that you choose an Activator gesture to unlock the device beforehand, in order to avoid getting stuck at the lockscreen.

SlideToMod is a tweak which will free you of many themes and other minor, cosmetic tweaks, and it doesn’t hurt at all that the tweak will not cost you anything. So, if you like a bit of customization on your iPhone, head to the Cydia store and grab SlideToMod right now.

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