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Smart Analytics Provides Detailed Statistics For Phone Calls [Android]

If you own an Android smartphone and want to get detailed graphical analysis of all the various phone calls that you’ve either made or received on your device, then Smart Analytics might prove to be helpful. Using Smart Analytics, you can easily scroll through your contacts list to find out the total number of incoming, outgoing and missed calls to/from each contact and get a graphical representation of the total duration of each successful call. In addition, the app also offers a brief breakdown of your device’s internal storage (Total Internal Memory, Available Internal Memory and Used Internal Memory)

Smart Analytics could emerge as a handy utility for compulsive callers who primarily use their Android smartphones for making and receiving calls. It’s not that the stock caller app of Android fares any badly to keep you apprised of your calling habits, but there might be situations where you are required to keep a tab on the total number of received, dialed and missed calls, all logged and displayed as individual entries. This is where Smart Analytics could come in handy.


Smart Analytics is not, of course, the only call/storage monitoring app out there, but it is certainly among the ones that are aesthetically rich and clutter-free. Simply launch the app on your device, tap People and go through the list of your contacts to see which contacts you have called the most. Tapping a contact launches another screen on which you can see all the various mobile numbers listed under that particular contact, detailed stats for Incoming/Outgoing calls (total calls & duration of each) and the Average Success Rate of your calls with a particular contact.

As evident from the very first screenshot above, the app’s homescreen presents you with the option to sneak peek into your device’s storage as well. Tapping on the Storage button on the app’s homescreen the total internal memory of your device as well as the currently consumed and available memory.


As of now, that’s pretty much all the app has to offer. However, according to the app’s developer, future versions of Smart Analytics promise to add quite a lot of new features such as support for external memory, detailed breakdown of device’s memory in accordance with the apps that are currently consuming it, detailed phone settings, average call duration per contact and the most sought-after of them all; a handy little homescreen widget.

Download Smart Analytics for Android

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