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Smart Dialer Brings Enhanced Dialing Options To WP Mango [Homebrew]

Smart Dialer is a dialer replacement for your unlocked Windows Phone 7 device running Mango. If you happen to meet the above stated criteria, then this app is a must-have for your device. As you might already have noticed, the dialer in WP7 is pretty flat, to say the least. In Mango, despite 500 new features, the dialer remains exactly the same. So to add some spice (and usability) to your Mango phone, Smart Dialer is exactly what you need. How exactly is it better than the stock dialer? Read on to find out.

WP7 DialerSmartDialer

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Smart Dialer has emerged from the XDA Forum which is well-known for Android development. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the app has a distinct Android flavor to it. Many users have been quick to notice (and criticize) that, but that doesn’t make the app any less useful! The interface is not really refined, and comes with a chrome touch to the buttons. However, that really is a good option to have after the rather drab, black dialer screen that comes in the stock Phone hub in Windows Phone 7 devices.

If you are familiar with Windows Mobile, then this homebrew should remind you of its dialer straight away. It’s true that simplicity is better but the toning down of WP7’s dialer took away a lot of its usability. After you have deployed Smart Dialer’s XAP file to your device, you will really appreciate the difference (Here is how to deploy a XAP file to an unlocked WP7).

Every time you start dialing a new number from your phone, this app will give you automatic suggestions extracted from the phonebook. Not only that, you can select from multiple themes to go with your dial screen. In addition, against each suggested contact, there is an option to send SMS right from within the dialer (a feature that is missing in the stock dialer, although you can do that if you use the People hub).

A small but useful app, it’s a shame though that you need a developer unlocked device for it. If you want to unlock your phone, you can try our unlocking guide, while updating to Mango will be possible via the method described in our post about Mango on Nodo devices.

Download Smart Dialer (XAP)

[via WMPowerUser]

 Update: Microsoft now allows users to run dialer apps even without unlock, so you are sure to find many good alternatives to the XAP in the Marketplace.

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  1. I don’t get it.. why would i want suggestions in a dialer? don’t i have people hub for that? In mango, there are now also groups. You can also pin most important contacts to the start screen.. All of which are better ways than having to memorize numbers so that a dialer would pop them up for me.

    Not to mention that it looks awful (I’ve been spoiled by metro).

    Microsoft was right to remove all the excess “functionality” from the dialer, if you ask me.

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