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Smart Lyrics Auto-Fetches Lyrics When A Song Is Played [Android]

Unlike its (arguably superior) iOS counterpart, the stock Android music player does not auto-fetch lyrics for songs. There are a few third-party audio players for the platform that sport said feature (MIUI’s iOS-inspired native music player, for instance). But if you prefer the stock music player for its simplicity or, like me, fancy a third-party music player that doesn’t have support for lyrics (Ubermusic), then Smart Lyrics has got your need to sing along covered. While it is activated, the app automatically fetches lyrics from the web whenever a song is played – be it using the stock player or any other third-party music player – and displays a shortcut to viewing said lyrics within the notification drawer. That is the app’s primary function but that’s not all it does. Join us after the break for a rundown of its other features.


While Smart Lyrics’ primary function is to auto-fetch lyrics for the currently playing song, you may use it to search for lyrics manually as well. In addition, you can to copy lyrics to clipboard (Menu > Copy Lyrics), share them with your friends (Menu > Share Lyrics) and set the app to save all lyrics locally (Menu > Preferences > Save Lyrics for Tracks) so you may be able to view them later from within the app (Menu > Stored Lyrics) or via the notification drawer shortcut without an active internet connection.

You may enable / disable the notification drawer shortcut (Notification) or delete all stored lyrics (Clear Offline Storage) from within the app’s Preferences menu (Menu > Preferences).

As mentioned earlier and exhibited in the screenshot below (on the left), the app’s notification bar service fetches lyrics for the currently playing track regardless of the app playing it. Here, we’re testing it with one of our favorite Android music players, Ubermusic.


During our brief test-run, the aforementioned notification drawer shortcut failed to appear at times when a track was paused and then resumed. Skipping to the next track and back seemed to remedy said problem. The app is new to the Android Market and it is perfectly natural for it to have a few bugs here and there. The bug we found is hardly large enough to mar its handiness.

Update: The app seems to have been removed from the Google Play Store for unknown reasons. You can try Lyrics Fetcher till it returns. The app almost identical in functionality.

Install Lyrics Fetcher from Play Store


  1. Can u  plz help me that how can i generate the lyrics of songs in andorid music players..bcoz i had created one music player in android.and its my final year project..so will u help me to how to generate lyrics of songs in android..plz kindly requeste to u plz help me as soon as possible….
    Ankit Maisuriya
    plz give some code for it.

    • The programs don’t generate lyrics… They read the song information (typically from an id3 tag or perhaps file name) and from that query a remote server with the artist/song information. They then parse/scrape the response from the lyric server for the lyrics. Hope that sets you on the right path. Good luck!

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