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Smart Weather: A Fast, Intelligent Weather Forecast App For WP7 Mango

We’ve covered a few Windows Phone 7 weather forecast apps in the past, including AccuWeather and The Weather Channel. While Weather Channel is focused more on accuracy and AccuWeather is simply the best-looking weather app for WP7, Smart Weather (a new addition to the WP7 weather arena) aims to provide you with accurate results in the minimum possible time. The app is pretty light-weight and complements Mango with support for two-sided live tiles. In addition, it comes with support for Chinese and English languages and two unique features, namely Smart Tips and Smart Forecast, which are meant to provide you with intelligent feedback based on past weather conditions of an area. Smart Weather is also among the first Windows Phone 7 weather apps to take advantage of the new secondary live tile feature in Mango.

Smart Weather FavoritesSmart Weather Settings

The Smart Tips and Smart Forecast options are currently in beta so may not be completely reliable as yet.

So how do you get started with Smart Weather? You have to search for your location first of all. Do this by hitting the looking glass button at the bottom of the screen. You can choose multiple locations to be set as your Favorites but only one will be your main city. Similarly, the app allows you to pin up as many locations to the start screen as you want.

Smart Weather Live TilesSmart Weather Details

The tiles you pin to the start screen are double-sided. This means there is information on both sides of the tile (just wait for it to flip over by itself). As with any weather app, you get the option to choose between Centigrade or Fahrenheit as your default scale. The app doesn’t make you wait too long for the information to load (unlike AccuWeather), which is actually one of its biggest plus points. All in all, it may not have as much to offer as other more popular weather apps on the platform but it does pack a couple of unique features and is absolutely free, so definitely warrants a download.

Download Smart Weather for Windows Phone

[via WPCentral]

 Update: In Smart Weather 1.1, users now have the option to pin up to 4 cities to the Start screen of their device. These locations will be constantly updated by the app, and you can stay in touch with their weather conditions thanks to the secondary live tiles. If you pin any more locations, real-time updating will not be supported for the later additions.


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