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Smarter Alarm – Futuristic Speaking Alarm Clock for Android


If you have seen Iron Man 2, and have a well developed geeky side to you, you cannot help but envy all the cool gadgets that Tony Stark has installed in his house. What wouldn’t a geek do to get all those, no? While we cannot provide you with everything that the Iron Man has, we can perhaps take you just one step closer, giving you an alarm clock for your Android device that speaks to you, just like Iron Man’s wake up call instead of sounding the same alarm every day.

Smarter Alarm is a free app developed by the user edawerd at XDA-Developers. This alarm clock app can be configured to give you a lot of useful information as you start your day instead of the usual tones that annoy you in the morning. Here is how to set it up.

  1. Install Smarter Alarm on your Android device by searching for it at the Android Market or using the link given below.
  2. Launch the app on your phone. You will be greeted with its Home Page which can optionally stay on your screen during the night with a brightness adjustment button on top that can be used to minimize the LCD brightness.
  3. Tweak it the way you want using the options it provides. Below is a list of its features that you can make use of.
    • Smarter-AlarmThe application addresses you personally, speaking your name.
    • Local weather and temperature announcements.
    • Stock exchange updates with customizable sources.
    • News updates with customizable sources.
    • Sports updates with customizable sources.
    • Birthday reminders via Facebook, for all your friends who have birthdays today.
    • Calendar appointments as per your Google Calendar.
    • RSS feeds with customizable sources.

    Further customization includes pitch, speech rate and a futuristic voice visualization along with a toggle for preference of a British accent. If you are a sound sleeper and a voice speaking to you does not wake you up, there is also the option of setting it up to play your choice of alarm tone before speaking the configured information to you.

    All in all, Smarter Alarm is a replacement for Android’s default alarm system – one that easily surpasses a lot of alarm applications in features and innovation. Happy Mornings !

    Install Smarter Alarm from Android Market

    [via XDA Deverlopers]

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