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SmartSync: Associate Contacts In iPhone With Their Facebook Profiles

A few days back, we covered an iPhone app by the name of Syncy, which was an alternative address book for iOS devices, and integrated Facebook contacts with those present in the stock Contacts app. Rumors are afloat regarding the deep Facebook integration expected in iOS 5.1, and it seems fitting that we talk about another iPhone app which brings Facebook integration to Apple’s smartphone platform. Meet SmartSync, an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which lets you associate the contacts in your phone’s address book with their respective Facebook accounts. Not only that, the app will also let you set up birthday reminders, so that you don’t miss another special day ever again. Read on to know more about the app.

SmartSync iPhone SmartSync Home

SmartSync has to be configured correctly before you can use it. To do so, launch the app and tap the Get Started button on the welcome screen. Here, you have to enter your phone number in the app (a confirmation text message might be sent to you, but not necessarily). Also, it is necessary to link your Facebook account with the app at this point of the setup. Allow the app to use your account, and you can start syncing. To sync your Facebook friends with the contacts list in your iPhone, you have to hit the big sync button on the home screen of the app. Wait for the contacts to finish syncing properly, and then you can start associating the names and numbers of your buddies with their loaded Facebook accounts.

SmartSync Contacts SmartSync Match SmartSync Settings

If more than one contact with the same name exists in the app’s list, you have to resolve the conflict and associate the account manually. Every contact which has a Facebook contact linked to it can display details like FB info, wall and almost all other data they might have shared on their account. In the Settings menu of the app, it is possible to choose the syncing of names and other Facebook information with the contacts as well.

SmartSync Birthdays SmartSync Gifts

If you want, you can use SmartSync to post status updates to your own profile, or write on any of your friends’ walls. The app comes with a few photos and emoticons (labeled Gifts) which can be attached to the posts you make on the walls of your Facebook friends.

SmartSync is not an app which brings a completely fresh concept to iOS, but still, it is free, and you might find it a useful addition to your app collection.

Download SmartSync

Update: The official Android client of SmartSync (aka Sync.ME) is now available in Google Play Store, and can be downloaded via the link proivided below.

Download Sync.ME For Android


  1. best appsync every been in appstore
    and soon it will be for android devices so it super awesome!
    love it ! so download it and enjoy

  2. Used this, but found better solution- app (“all contacts” on appstore ) lets you download your facebook contacts and browse them among with other contacts, nice one.

  3. WARNING: SmartSync loses information!  If you sync your contacts with Facebook and set the app to overwrite your contact information, it will do a blanket update, and you will not get a chance to accept or reject the changes.

    Example:  your friend on Facebook removes his phone number for privacy reasons.   You sync with SmartSync, and suddenly you have no phone number for your friend!   Now imagine you get lots of changes that you don’t want to go ahead!…   Or perhaps something goes wrong and your synced contacts lose their data!…  Not nice is it?   I have tried to get support, but in over a year, not a SINGLE reply!…   It’s frightening to think how many people are losing information because of this app.

    • That’s not true. SmartSync does not sync phone numbers. I’m using it for the last 3 weeks and I love it!

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