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SMS Diversion For Android Forwards Incoming SMS To Your Gmail Account

New to the Android Market, SMS Diversion for Android is a free app that, when allowed, forwards incoming SMS, complete with the name and number of the sender, to a user-specified Gmail account. SMS Diversion finds its application in instances where, say, you forget your phone at home while setting off for work or are too busy going through your daily email to attend to your phone.

Moreover, the app works like a charm in conjunction with the Google Talk client, allowing you to preview incoming SMS via Gmail notifications while working on your computer, without having to touch your phone.

What the app does is that upon reception of an SMS, it self-sends an email to the saved Gmail account with the name and number of the sender as the subject and the message body as the content. So if you reply to the mail, you’ll only be sending yourself another email.

At first launch, SMS Diversion will automatically ask you for your Gmail account info. You may switch to a different Gmail account later by hitting the Menu button while on the app’s home screen and tapping SMS to Email.


When forwarding is enabled, the app adds a notification icon in the status bar, which can be disabled from within the app’s preferences screen. Press Menu > Preferences to access said screen.


It is recommended, for ease of use and increased productivity, that you have the Google Talk client or any Gmail Notifier installed on your computer. This will allow you to preview and access incoming SMS from within the client’s notifications.


The paid (pro) version of the app includes several additional, handy features that are well worth the $1.29 price tag. These include the option to save an alternate email account, SMS forwarding to a user-defined phone number, forwarding missed call info and remote activation/deactivation.

Download SMS Diversion


    • It does. Though there’s a slight difference between the purpose of the two. SMS Backup+ is for backup purposes, not for forwarding. It backs up both incoming at outgoing SMS after regular intervals, where the minimum interval for incoming SMS is 1 minute. SMS diversion immediately forwards incoming SMS to your Gmail account. No set intervals.

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