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SMS Flash: View Received SMS As Toast Notifications, Reply via Proximity Sensor Gestures [Android]

As a regular GO SMS Pro user, what I personally like about the popular Android messaging app is its ability to display pop-ups for received text messages anywhere in the OS. However, said feature of the app doesn’t always work, specifically with games and other full-screen apps, which eventuates in me missing out on important text messages at times. New to the Google Play Store, SMS Flash is an Android app that resolves said issue. Once the app is installed and activated, it displays each new received message via a customizable toast notification (a tile overlay containing text that appears for a short period of time). Whether you’re playing a game, watching a movie or working with any full-screen app, SMS Flash ensures that you have your latest texts right before your eyes so that you do not have to leave the current screen. As the app’s name suggests, each SMS appears for a short time, after which it automatically disappears from the screen, and this is where the most interesting facet of SMS Flash comes into play. The app utilizes your device’s proximity sensor to provide you with ample control over the flash duration, appearance, and most importantly, the way in which you can respond to the received texts by interacting with the proximity sensor.


Not only does SMS Flash effectively display text messages in all such situations where other text messaging apps fail, but is also pretty quick to display the received SMSs; even quicker than Android’s stock messaging app and GO SMS Pro. Plus, there’s in an option to specify a blacklist comprising all such contacts whose texts you do not wish to receive via SMS Flash.

SMS-Flash-Android-Settings1 SMS-Flash-Android-Settings2

Launching the app reveals its main preferences screen that allows you to customize its behavior in various ways. Apart from toggling the app’s service on/off, and testing the proximity sensor of your device, you can opt to be notified for new messages only via a blank/empty toast (so as to hide message content). In addition, you may also tweak numerous other appearance and layout settings, such as the message font color, transparency level, and the option to have a tile appear behind each message. You have the choice of setting the tile color and opacity of choice as well. The app also offers you the option to enable displaying the contact photo along with the message. Furthermore, you can decide the opacity level, as well as the position of the photo on the slide.

It is also from the app’s main preferences screen that you can enable the app’s blacklist for contacts. Quite interestingly, the app also lets you use the blacklist as a whitelist, meaning that it can reverse the purpose of the blacklist, and display messages only from the contacts that are added to it.

SMS-Flash-Android-Settings-Appearance1 SMS-Flash-Android-Settings-Appearance2

On the same screen, you can find a couple of other important options too, such as the total time duration to display each toast (up to of 12 seconds), and the on-screen position of the message.

Head over the the app’s Advanced Preferences screen, and you’ll find a handful of other very useful options. These include enabling password-protection upon activating the app’s service, and the option to avail the app’s proximity sensor controls.

SMS-Flash-Android-Sample1 SMS-Flash-Android-Sample2

Using these controls, you can determine all the actions that the app will perform as a result of your interaction with the device’s proximity sensor in the event of an incoming message. For instance, there is an option to extend the time for which messages remain visible when the proximity sensor is covered (10 seconds more than the maximum allotted time). If you’ve enabled the Extend Display Time option on this screen, the app will allow you to compose your reply to a message immediately after you uncover the proximity sensor.

Need to instantly dismiss a toast? Make sure that you’ve enabled the Dismiss on first touch option that lets you hide the flashed message as soon as you tap the proximity sensor once. Double tapping the proximity sensor will reveal the reply panel if the Trigger Reply Panel option on this screen is enabled. Please note that there is no option to reply to texts from within the toast itself. Triggering the reply option lets you respond to the message via the stock or a third-party messaging app.

There you have it; a convenient, enhanced and hassle-free way to interact with incoming text messages, particularly while using full-screen apps.

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