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SMSmileys: Convert Emoticons To Emoji Automatically In Texts [Cydia]

You might not realize it at times, but a lot of people (and not just teens) are fans of emoticons and smileys in text conversations. Sometimes, it is very important to use smileys in your text messages to convey the mood and tone of your SMS properly. If you don’t add a teasing face at the end of a taunt, some of your friends might take offence, and apart from that, emoticons go a long way towards breaking the monotony of text conversations. There is, however, something even better than text emoticons which can lighten up your SMS – Emoji. The graphical smileys do look good, but you have go through a few extra steps to add them to your messages, which might interfere with your texting speed. That is why the new Cydia tweak named SMSmileys can prove to be a really useful addition to your iPhone. If you have this tweak installed on your iOS device, all your text emoticons will automatically be converted to their Emoji alternatives as soon as you send them.

SMSmiley Emoji SMSmiley Cydia

SMSmileys is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store as a free download. Once you have installed it to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it takes effect immediately and you don’t have to go through any setup steps. The tweak will add no new icons to the Springboard, and there are no Settings to configure. Just go to the stock Messages app, and start typing a text. As soon as you send an SMS containing a simple smiley, you will see that the tweak will automatically convert it to Emoji before it is sent.

To mention a couple of limitations, the tweak will not work with any app other than the stock Messages one. Furthermore, the Emoji will display as you sent them only on iOS devices, and should they be used for any other phone, the recipient device will use its own algorithm to convert them, which may not look exactly as you intended it to be. Nevertheless, SMSmileys is a free tweak, and is great if you are one of those people who like to use a lot of smileys in their texts. Of course there are other ways of adding Emoji to your text conversations in iDevices, like the hidden Emoji keyboard or the popular Emoji app in the App Store, but this tweak provides jailbreak users with a neat and free solution to a daily issue.

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