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SMSNinja: Block & Screen Unwanted Calls Or SMS, Password-Protect Messages [Cydia]

Every once in a while, you are bound to feel like switching off your iPhone, taxed by to the amount of junk texts you get, or maybe while you’re busy, and a friend keeps prodding you with calls. There are many apps and tweaks out there that provide a convenient solution to that, but none as feature-rich and comprehensive as SMSNinja. This Cydia app lets you block text messages and calls from contacts you would rather avoid. Not just that, it can screen incoming SMS that contain a user-defined keyword, lets you password-protect the native Messages and Phone apps, and view all texts from a particular contact within the app’s own interface instead of Messages.

SMSNinja iPhone SMSNinja Settings

The app is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and once installed, will appear on the Springboard. The first thing you need to do is to enable the app by toggling on the first button in the Settings > SMSNinja menu. SMSNinja works according to the definition of a Whitelist and Blacklist. Contacts in the blacklist won’t be able to send messages or calls to you, and you won’t be bothered by their interactions ever again. Though, if you want to see the messages and calls they have made to your number, you can launch  SMSNinja, and view them in the app’s own message viewer.

SMSNinja Lists SMSNinja Contacts SMSNinja Lock Cydia

You can set a password for the app itself (which is recommended). You will be asked to enter it every time you launch SMSNinja if you choose to do so, of course. A completely different purpose for which you can use SMSNinja is hiding your private messages and calls. To do so, go to the Private Zone screen within the app, and choose the contacts interactions with whom you would rather keep hidden from prying eyes. There is also an option to set up a Fake Password, so that you can show the app to anyone, while all of your private messages remain completely hidden.

To add contacts to the app’s blacklist, you can choose anyone from your address book, history, SMS menu or manually enter a phone number. Last but not the least, as mentioned earlier, SMSNinja also allows users to lock the the stock Messages and Phone apps, such that you have to provide a password every time you wish to access them.

Even with so many features on offer and a price tag of $0, SMSNinja is an excellent choice for the privacy-conscious.

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