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Snackr For iPhone: Listen To Top News Stories & Personalize Channels

An RSS reader is a wonderful tool for keeping yourself in touch with everything which interests you, and it gathers useful information from all over the web, so that you don’t have to scour the internet. However, as with most fields of technology today, people are always looking to revolutionize even something as simple as a news reader. Snackr is an iOS newsreader, but instead of presenting news articles to users in textual form, the app will read aloud everything to you, so that you can do anything else in real life while Snackr updates you on the current happenings in the world. The best thing about this iPhone app is that you can add any feed to it, and Snackr also supports personalization of channels, so that you can get a completely feed containing items which represent your interests exclusively.

Snackr iPhone Snackr Top News

Snackr starts off with an audio introduction of the app, and also tells you all about how to use it. To pause the audio just tap the middle of the screen. To better personalize the experience, you can connect your Facebook account with the app from its Welcome page. The app works based on channels, which are basically categories containing news items on a specific topic. To move through articles, or to skip one, just swipe across the bottom menu and tap the one you want to listen to. The existing channels in the app include Tech & Science, Sports, Top News and the like. To switch between these channels just swipe across the top bar until you reach the desired feed.

Snackr Channel Snackr Settings

The app has options for sharing any article you like, and you can do it by hitting the mail button next to each post. The star button adds it to your Favorites list. Swipe across the middle of the screen, and you can access the app’s Settings menu. In there, you will find options to add or manage the sources which Snackr uses to gather news articles for different genres. If you want to create a personalized channel, swipe the top bar and go to the New Channel menu. Here, you can choose the categories of news you want to include in your channel, and the app lets you name the channel as well. Snackr can come in handy for reading out the day’s events for you by tapping into your Facebook profile. You can choose where exactly in your feeds you want to place these Daily Greeting.

You can easily find many alternatives to Snackr for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but this app is most probably the best free option available for users.

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