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Snapstar For Android: Location-Based Photo Sharing App That Focuses On Earning & Spending Points

From the team behind Spotvite – a fun Android app that lets you instantly create and share location and category-based recreational events – comes another fantastic app called Snapstar. Based on the concept of location-based photo exploring, capturing and sharing, the app lets you earn rewards in the form of star points for continuously sharing pictures with the world, every time enhancing your chances to become a true ‘Snap star’.Points earned through the app can then be used to unlock and view photos uploaded by other Snapstar users from a particular location. Once you unlock a location, and tag it to your own shared image, it belongs to you until someone else unlocks it by spending a few points.

In addition to this, the app sports a slew of socializing tools that help you explore stuff shared by worldwide users, become friends with them and comment on their photos. All these features, when combined with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, make Snapstar a must-try app.


While the app’s image gallery is there for anyone to explore, only registered Snapstar members have access to core features such as snapping, sharing, socializing and in-app purchasing. For this, you must log in to the app using your Snapstar or Facebook ID. Each registered user gets 100 free points which they can use to unlock their favorite locations. However, there is an option within the app to purchase further points from the SnapStore.


The app’s homescreen displays thumbnails for all images in a chronological order under various categories, each represented by a hashtag.  The digit at the top-right of the screen displays the total number of unattended notifications. Scroll down the screen to browse all supported categories and swipe across to view all the recent images from a particular category. Tapping a thumbnail reveals the full image, along with all the relevant details such as number of views, comments, tags, and unlock info. From the same screen, you may check all the comments on the image, and add your own. Tapping the Unlock button helps you unlock the image’s location, and deducts the corresponding star points from your credit. Once unlocked, the image is displayed on the screen along with its exact location on map. Unlocking a location also brings the option to get turn-by-turn navigation to it.


Tapping a user’s name takes you to his/her profile page, which lists all the images uploaded by them. From the same screen, you may start following the user, check out who they’re following and who’s following them.

While on the app’s homescreen, you can tap the camera icon at the bottom-right to start capturing and sharing images by yourself. Once an image has been captured, you’re provided with the options to rotate it and add a description, location and relevant tag to it. The app displays a status bar notification for upload progress.


If you’ve consumed all your star points, and don’t want to purchase any more, you’ll simply have to earn them to be able to unlock further locations. Keep snapping and sharing fascinating imagery around you, and someone is eventually bound to find it worth a few points. All in all, a fun-filled pastime.

Download Snapstar for Android

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