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SnapTag Reader Scans Graphical Codes & Gives You Info About Items [iOS]

QR codes have become a pretty popular way of finding about everything pertaining to a certain product, or even app. You will find many barcode and QR readers in the iOS App Store, but the concept of QR codes has been reimagined by the folks over at Spyder Lynk, and they have come up with a variant of the technology known as SnapTag. A QR code might be pretty good for compressing a lot of information in a small image, but it is not possible to comprehend such a code without a reader. That’s where SnapTag differs from its older counterpart, as instead of providing users with a black and white superficial view of the code, it has a comprehensible and colorful front, and just a look at it is enough to convey some part of the concealed info, and details can be extracted using the companion iPhone app named SnapTag Reader.

SnapTag iPhone SnapTag Sample

SnapTag Reader isn’t too complicated to use, but if you are still having any trouble with it, there are instructions for the app’s usage in the How to Snap section. Basically, all you have to do in order to use the app is to launch the camera view of SnapTag Reader and hold it in front of the desired SnapTag. Now, how exactly will you know if you are seeing a SnapTag? SnapTag codes are usually the actual logos of the product, but surrounded by a ring. In that ring, the detailed information is stored, and the logo within it might contain a simple photo or just an image. You just have to align the ring in SnapTag Reader with the object’s ring in front of you, and you will be taken to the page or link it points to you.

SnapTag Corresponding Page SnapTag Share

A SnapTag might conceal a variety of things, but mostly, there are links to events and pages dedicated to the product. Some of the tags allow you to share the information with your friends via your social network or through email. Although there aren’t many SnapTag codes around right now, the concept is so good that there is a lot of potential in it. You can grab SnapTag Reader for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by going to the link provided below, where it is available as a free download. It can’t hurt to give the app a try, as you might find quite a few SnapTag codes while browsing the internet.

Download SnapTag Reader

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