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Sniffer: A Virtual Noticeboard To Report Lost & Found Items [Android]

As smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more mainstream, and we are introduced to ‘smarter’ apps encompassing almost all wakes of life, the social awareness among worldwide users is increasing manifold, too. Same could be said of apps that circle around the ethics part of our lives. There are numerous apps out there that let help you with contributing towards serving the humanity, and show your responsibility in one way or the other. Sniffer for Android is an handy virtual noticeboard of sorts through which users can easily report lost and found items. Whether you’ve misplaced a valuable wrist watch of yours, or are searching for the owner of a bunch of keys that you found outside your office, Sniffer lets you report them all in a few taps. Users have the option of keeping their identity, location, and/or contact method undisclosed to maintain their privacy. Apart from sporting a user-friendly interface, the app also lets you filter the list of found items by various categories.


No matter how well you take care of your stuff, somewhere down the line, you’re bound to lose something. Similarly, you might come across a situation where you wish you could report a found item that seems like it could be of utmost importance to its owner. This is where Sniffer steps in.

Upon launch, the app displays recently reported items from its online database. If the aforementioned list contains no new items, you’re taken to the app’s homescreen from where you can Report Lost items, Report Found items or View Noticeboard to see if any one has found one of your lost goods.


Tapping View Noticeboard takes you to another screen that  is divided into a couple of tabs, namely Live Board and Categories. The Live Board is where all the recently reported items get displayed in chronological order. For each listed item, you can also view brief details pertaining to it. To filter content by category, just hit the Categories tab, or tap the icons arranged along the right side of the app’s homescreen.

To report a lost or found item, all you need to do is specify a few details such as its category, description, location, contact method, and the reward that you’re expecting or willing to give. Hit Submit Item when you’re done.

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