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Snooze/ Turn Off Alarm By Waving Your Hand Over iPhone With Wave Alarm

If you own an iOS device, it can be used for some really awesome purposes, like playing music using Garage Band, and it also comes in handy when you have to accomplish the more mundane tasks in your daily routine. One such task that all of us have to face daily is getting up in the morning. For this purpose iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are endowed with stock alarm apps, along with a lot of third-party ones. Wave Alarm is an app which brings something new to this rather simple genre of apps. If you use this app to get up in the morning, it is possible to just wave at your iDevice, and the alarm will be switched off. There are a few other bonus features in the app as well, like weather updates and the ability to use songs from your device’s library as alarm sounds, but the main purpose of the app is to bring gestures to alarms.

Wave Alarm iOS Wave Alarm Settings Wave Alarm

Using the app is simple, as it has a really uncomplicated interface. To set the timing for the wake-up call, just tap the little bell or settings icon in the top bar. This will take you to the Settings menu of Wave Alarm. You can add the alarm from the first option listed here, and after you have enabled it, set the time, snooze rate and the sound you want to use. The app gives you options to choose from among the sounds it has by default, or you can set any song from the library of your device. Wave Alarm lets its users choose which action will occur when the waving motion is made. There are options to snooze and disable.

Apart from the alarm options, the app also displays the weather conditions in your current location, and it is in this menu that you can choose the weather units and timing display options. Thanks to these two features of the app, you can use it as your fully functional bedside night clock. Wave Alarm will recognize your gesture only if you keep it running in the foreground before going to sleep. If its in the background, only a notification will be sent, labeled Background Alarm. Due to this limitation, Wave Alarm can prove to be a battery killer, but that is its only drawback. The app is available as a free download in the App Store, and you can grab it at the link below.

Download Wave Alarm

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