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Snotify: Turn Off SMS, Email & Toast Notifications On WP7 [Homebrew]

If Microsoft allows all the stuff from Bazaar into the Marketplace, Windows Phone 7 can become a true competitor of other smartphone platforms. For now, if you tell someone about your Mango phone, they are mostly likely to say something like “isn’t that the phone in which you can’t even copy/ paste properly?” Although WP7 has come a long way since the copy/ paste update fixed that issue, there are still a lot of basic functionalities that are missing. Take a look at notifications, for an example – there is no way you can turn off notifications on your phone, and until recently, there wasn’t even any Homebrew app available for that. Not anymore, as Snotify is here. This homebrew brings the much-needed function of letting users turn off notification for SMS, email and other apps if you have root access on your device. Even a Homebrew with the ability to silence all notifications at once would have been pretty useful for most users, but Snotify goes a step ahead and adds the option to let users choose the individual alert types that they want to silence. Sounds cool? Read on for details.

Snotify WP7 Settings Snotify Schedule

After you have flashed the XAP file of Snotify to your device, using the app is fairly simple. Just launch it, and you will see three options, Email, Text+IM and Toast. If you want to toggle off the notifications right now, just turn the respective buttons to off and exit the app. No notification from that category will bother you now until you switch it back on from Snotify. The homebrew, however, comes with an even more useful functionality. If you don’t want to shuttle back and forth to the app, it is possible to configure a schedule for each notification genre. In the configuration menu, you can define any time duration, and during that period, Snotify will silence all the relevant notifications each day. The best part here is that the choices you configured for individual alert categories will still be followed during the scheduled silence periods.

Snotify can come in handy if you want to sleep peacefully, don’t want to be disturbed while playing a game or just hate getting embarrassed by the SMS preview in the notification when someone else has your phone. For further details, and to download the homebrew file, head to the source link at the bottom of this article.

[via XDA Forum Thread]

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