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Outsider (I’m A WP7): Social Networking App Exclusive To Windows Phone Users

Social networking has seen a big boom in recent years, with sites like Facebook and Twitter becoming web giants in the blink of an eye. So there is quite a market for ideas relating to social networking. Windows Phone 7 is a relatively new platform, and the number of users aren’t as large as some of the other operating systems. So there is a sense of community among WP7 users whenever they get to know each other. Based on these facts, I’m a WP7 is an app that uses the concept of social networking, but only for a very exclusive club. You have to be a user of Windows Phone 7 to be a part of this network! Update: The app has been renamed to ‘Outsider’.

I'm A WP7Location Setup

The app accesses your current location (or you can choose it manually) and from the time of registration it keeps track of your whereabouts and tells you which other WP7 users are in the vicinity. You are shown the distance from your WP7 neighbors (in miles and kilometers, depending upon your choice) and also the map view of the area which tells you where you are and where are the other users currently in your area.

I'm A WP7 ProfileSettings & Preferences

Like any other social networking app, you need to set up your “I’m a WP7” profile, first of all. The interface is simple and fun-looking, but for your display picture, you can only choose from among the predefined icons. In avatar mode, you are encouraged to use your nick, specifically called “gamer tag”. You can customize the app just the way you want. Simply move to Privacy and Preferences menu and make your choices.

Nearby TabMember Apps

Now that you are done setting up your account, it’s time to start using this app. Save everything and head over to the Nearby page. Here you will see your fellow WP7 users, sorted according to their distance from your current location. Click on any user and you can see his or her mapped location and even send them a message (if they have enabled the receive setting). “I’m A WP7” is a good platform for upcoming app developers as it gives special importance to apps developed by its users and there is a separate screen for such apps.

The feature Surprise Me takes you to any random location and shows you how many WP7 users and developers are currently there. There are also some useful tips and latest news available in the app.

The app is free, and if many Windows Phone 7 users get it, then it can become a huge hit. But as things stand, you should still probably get it anyway.

Download Outsider (Formerly ‘I’m A WP7’)


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