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Social Radio: Listen To Twitter Updates While Enjoying Music [iPhone]

If you use Twitter on regular basis, and own an iOS device, then chances are that you spend some part of your day going through the tweets in your timeline daily. The Social Radio for Twitter is a new iPhone app which spices up the whole process of checking out your Twitter timeline. The app is a combination of music player and Twitter radio. It reads aloud your tweets, but many other apps do that, too, so what makes Social Radio different from other apps? The fact that it fetches the music in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s library, and mixes the songs with the Twitter audio feed, giving the effect of listening to a personalized FM station, is what makes The Social Radio an entirely new experience. Not only does the app reads out your own timeline, it also lets you stay in touch with tweets related to trending topics.

Social Radio iOS Social Radio iOS Home

The Social Radio asks you to link your Twitter account with the app first of all, and you can do that on the app’s welcome page. Don’t forget to authorize the app afterwards. Once that has been done, Social Radio takes you to the Home section, which displays the profile picture you have on Twitter, as well as the link to start off your Twitter music broadcast. If you are looking for a particular topic or hash tag, use the Search section of the app. To listen to the app’s broadcast on popular and trending keywords, and to specify the songs which will be played during the recital of the tweets, there is the Lists section.

Social Radio Trends Social Radio iOS Player Social Radio Settings

If you want to listen to Social Radio reading out tweets related to popular topics, go to the Trends section, where you will find hot keywords categorized on the basis of regions of the world. Inside each region, you can tap on any of the listed hash tags, and they will be added to your radio broadcast. When you get down to the actual player in Social Radio, it is pretty awesome. The app itself adjusts the volume and pauses of the songs, and the tweets it is reading out are in perfect harmony with the background music. In the Settings section of the app, you can choose the time period after which Social Radio will be refreshed and fetch new tweets from your timeline, or chosen tags.

The Social Radio for Twitter is a really useful app, with a refreshingly new concept. Since it is a new addition to the App Store, it has an awesome introductory price of $0, and you can grab it at the link below.

Download The Social Radio for Twitter

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