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SomNote For Android & iPhone Is A Simple, Elegant Note-Taking App With Cloud Sync

Tired of trying and testing all sorts of inconvenient, unstable and overly cluttered note-taking tools? Try SomNote – an extremely user-friendly note-taking web app that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also supports a suite of features that make your task of notes management a breeze. You can create multiple notes, supplemented with important multimedia/document attachments, under various custom folders. For each account, the service offers a maximum of 100MB of free cloud storage space, which is more than enough to handle your vital attachments till you manage to safely transfer them to your computer. SomNote supports saving your notes automatically at frequent intervals, and lets you resort to a previously saved state of choice in case you mess up a note big time. If you’re a smartphone user, you can avail all these features on the go with the newly released Android and iOS SomNote clients.

Apart from the aforementioned utilities, the mobile client of the service brings several other useful features, such as complete remote access to your online SomNote content right from your mobile device, option to secure the app itself with a 4-digit PIN, easy management of notes and folders via simple swipe gestures, option to share notes (with/without attachments) with your colleagues, a homescreen widget to instantly create new notes (for Android only), and lots more.

If you don’t have a SomNote account, you can continue using the mobile app to save notes locally. However, as a registered user, you get the true benefits of the service, such as access to your online SomNote content (notes and attachments), option to protect the app using a PIN, and the facility to create, modify and sync notes with the service on the go.


Looking at the app’s main interface, we get a toolbar at the top as well as the bottom. The toolbar at the top carries buttons for manually refreshing the app’s content, toggling between list and thumbnail view, and adding a new note. Various options present on the bottom toolbar comprise addition of new folder (with a folder color of your choice), enabling the notes management mode, searching for notes via custom keywords, and heading over to the app’s main settings screen.

The settings screen is from where you can check the total cloud storage space consumed so far, specify the app’s sync settings (auto, over Wi-Fi only, or manually), set the quality of uploaded images, and enable/disable PIN protection.


Content displayed on the app’s main can be viewed in list mode as well as thumbnail mode, and you have complete control over manipulating and moving your notes and folders within the app as desired. Real-time search suggestions expedite the process of instantly locating required note(s) containing specific keywords, and the option to instantly open notes attachments via compatible apps is no less than a blessing. This is made possible via an instant and swift sync mechanism that automatically initiates each time you log in to the app.

Any note that contains an attachment can be easily identified by the attachment icon that is displayed at the top of its thumbnail. The number beside each folder represents the number of notes contained therein. To reveal the list of attachments contained within a note, simply drag the tab at the bottom upwards. Tapping an attachment icon lets you open the attachment via a supported app. Another handy feature of SomNote is that it supports opening URLs, contact numbers, email IDs and other such info embedded within notes via compatible apps.


The homescreen widget of SomNote is perhaps the quickest means to create a new note that I personally have come across so far. All you need to do after adding the widget to your homescreen is tap it, and you’re ready to take notes of whatever you want. The attachment icon present in the top right of the note editor screen lets you supply your note with a freshly grabbed image, an image from your device’s gallery, or reveals the app’s native file explorer that you can use to navigate to the required file which you want to attach to your notes.


There you have it; a more than worthy alternative to whatever note taking app you’re currently using. The super-quick syncing of content, the simple interface, and the fact that you can remotely access your notes from multiple devices without any fuss whatsoever makes SomNote a very nifty all-round package for your routine note-taking, managing, syncing and sharing needs.

Download SomNote For Android

Download SomNote For iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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