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Songza: Music Streaming iPhone & iPad App With “Playlists For Everything”

Where do you go when you want to listen to some good music? A majority is likely to name YouTube, some might tell of streaming websites or maybe the odd iOS app. It’s pretty simple if you want to listen to a particular artist, or a specific song, but what if you are in a sad mood and feel like cheering yourself up by listening to some happy songs, where would you get that? For such occasions, Songza is what you need. Songza is an app which lets you stream a huge variety of playlists categorized according to a large number of criteria. Update: An iPad variant for Songza is now available on the App Store.


Songza does for iPhone what 8tracks does for Windows Phone 7. It has playlists for every occasion and for just about any other category you can think of. But before you can start enjoying this free app, you will need to create an account for Songza. There are two ways of going about this. You can link it with your Facebook account or sign up with another Email ID. Using Facebook is more beneficial as this allows you to find out what your friends are currently listening to on the social networking giant.


The main purpose of the app is to discover playlists. The process of discovery is aided by the division of playlists into 6 categories. You can browse playlists based upon:

  • Genres
  • Activities
  • Moods
  • Decades
  • Culture
  • Record-store Clerk

Now PlayingActivity FeedSearch

The Genres category is pretty comprehensive and features almost all music types that exist. The Activities area suggests playlists based on what you intend to do while listening to the music. So doesn’t matter if you are planning a barbecue or going on a road trip, Songza is bound to have something in store for you. The Moods section has a variety of playlists for the kind of music you would want to listen to in a particular state of mind. Record-store Clerk has the featured playlists presented by Songza itself.

Once you have chosen to play a list, there is also an option to bookmark it for streaming at a later time, or you can save it altogether and enjoy it whenever you want. Whilst a song is playing, you can like it or share it, this will help Songza suggest playlists for you in the future.

Some playlist apps lack the feature of search by Artist name but thankfully, Songza is not one of them. You can search for a particular playlist in the unlikely case that you know its name, and you can also search for playlists pertaining to any artist. The People section is where you can see what your friends are up to, regarding songs and their music taste. No worries if your not a fan of Facebook – the app allows you to connect with Twitter too. Update: An iPad variant for Songza is now available on the App Store.

Install Songza from App Store

[via AppAdvice]


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