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SoShare For Android & iPhone: Share Photos & Videos Of Any Size With Your Private Network

SoShare is a relatively fresh private file-sharing web service that lets users instantly share photos, videos and other relatively larger files with each other without placing any restrictions on the storage capacity or the file type whatsoever. It is a social network of sorts that allows you to interact with your contacts and custom-created contact groups by sharing files and commenting on each others’ activities. The service has just launched mobile clients for Android and iOS, which lets you remotely access and manage your file-sharing activities on the network while on the move. Whether it’s sharing files with your SoShare contacts, downloading content shared by other users, commenting on each others’ activities, or creating custom groups with select contacts, the official SoShare client for Android has you covered.

In order to hop onto the network’s file sharing bandwagon, you must be a registered SoShare user. Registering for a new account is free, and can be done from within the app.


Once you and you’re contacts have joined the network, file sharing via SoShare becomes a three-step affair. All you need to do after launching the app is hit the share icon at the top-right of the screen, pick the desired recipient(s) and the file(s), compose a brief message (optional), and hit the share button to instantly share the file. What’s even better about SoShare is that it supports resuming file upload and download tasks. In addition, the app integrates with Android’s native share menu so that you can share files even while navigating outside of the app’s interface.


All your file-sharing activities on the network can be monitored from the app’s homescreen, which lists the shared content in a chronological order. Alongside each shared file, you can view the user(s) with whom the file has been shared, the type of file, and the number of comments that it has received (if any). To comment on an activity by yourself, hit the + button.

Hitting the menu button in the top-left corner reveals a side pane that houses your SoShare Profile, option to specify your preferred Network (Wi-Fi/cellular) to share data on, and Logout.


Now, here’s an interesting fact: from within the app’s interface, you can only capture, import and share media files (photos and videos). However, when using the SoShare option integrated with the native Android share menu, you can upload files of any format (from within a file explorer of choice).

SoShare is free in both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Download SoShare for Android

Download SoShare for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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