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SoundHound For WP7: Identify Music Being Played, Sung Or Even Hummed Nearby

When it comes to track recognition, the name which is sure to spring to your mind is Shazam. But after Mango, Shazam is no longer the only choice Windows Phone 7 users have for identifying songs being played in their surroundings. One of the many amazing new features introduced by the 7.5 update is the capability of recognizing songs via the Bing search menu. There is a dedicated button for it in the bottom bar if you press the Search button on your device. But adding some more useful options to this concept is an app that has been quite popular in Android and iOS for a long while: SoundHound. The app, now available for WP7, doesn’t only recognize recorded music; like in the iOS and Android variants, you can even hum a song to it and it will be able to identify it. And even that’s not all there is to the app. Read on past the break for the rest of the app’s features.

SoundHound SoundHound Listening

Shazam and the Bing music search only recognize recorded music. But what if you can’t use the app when the song is playing and want to look it up later? Using SoundHound, all you have to do is sing the song to it yourself, or you could just hum its tune if you don’t know the lyrics.

The app starts up with just one big button, which you can tap to commence recognizing music. SoundHound listens for a maximum of 10 seconds before it starts searching for matches. In addition to audio searches, you can search songs using the app’s text search, which will give you all the relevant information about the artists, albums and tracks matching the entered keywords.

SoundHound Detected Song SoundHound Lyrics

Once you have searched for a song, either via audio or text, you get a list of matching results sorted on the basis of their relevance to the input. Each result offers a short audio preview of the track. On the preview page, Similar Artists and Album Appearance of the song is also displayed. Swipe to the right to view the lyrics of the track, which can then be shared over email or social media. In addition, SoundHound provides you with the option to buy songs from the Marketplace. Said option can be accessed by tapping the Zune icon at the bottom of the screen.

SoundHound Info SoundHound History

To see the history of your song discovery in SoundHound, you can go to the My Stuff section of the app.

SoundHound is a one-stop shop for everything related to music on WP7, as it goes beyond song recognition and brings a lot of extra features to the mix, and for all that, the app charges you nothing at all. You can download the app for free from the Windows Phone Web Marketplace via the link provided below.

Download SoundHound

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