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SoundTracking Brings Its Music Identification & Sharing App To Android

Love sharing your favorite music tracks with your online friends? Try SoundTracking – a free music discovery, identification and sharing app for Android and iOS that is not only quite simple to use, but also supports sharing your favorite music bits over social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Initially available only in the iTunes App Store, SoundTracking has just made its way to the Android Market. Apart from recognizing songs being played around you (much like Shazam and SoundHound), the app lets you tag photos and locations with each music track that you wish to share with your buddies. That’s not all; you can also explore the musical taste of other users, and find what songs are currently running hot among them. Hit the break to find out more about SoundTracking.

SoundTracking-Android-Trending SoundTracking-Android-Services

The app borrows some of its music sharing features from other popular apps from said genre such as Shazam and Exfm. However, the manner in which it lets you post soundtracks to your social networks is something to admire. You can almost instantly search for and share any song that you like, whether it’s a locally stored track, a song being played in your surroundings, or one that you remember by its title or artist.

SoundTracking-Android-Post SoundTracking-Android-Search

Before you begin to share music via SoundTracking, you must authorize the app to access your Facebook, Twitter and/or Foursquare account. Once logged in, you’re taken to the app’s homescreen that contains various tabs carrying Recent Posts, Trending Posts, Notifications as well as your SoundTracking Profile info.

To start sharing music, tap the music note icon in the top-right corner of this screen. You can pick from any of the three aforementioned categories (Music Search, Music ID or My Songs).

SoundTracking-Android-Identify SoundTracking-Android-Share

The Music Search feature lets you manually search for songs by title or artist name, the Music ID option listen for and identifies music being played near you, while My Songs allows you to pick tracks from your local media library.

SoundTracking-Android-Pre-Post SoundTracking-Android-Notifications

To each track that you wish to share, you can attach a custom photo (or stick with its album art), tag a location and add a brief description to it. Once all details are provided, tap Next. Before sharing the selected track over the web, you can listen to it on popular music streaming services Spotify and Rdio, or locally, if the song is stored on your SD card.

SoundTracking-Android-Follow SoundTracking-Android-Profile

Hit the Trending posts tab to explore music shared by other app users. You can Like/Love and comment on each post, and start following a user whose music taste matches yours.

From within the app’s Settings, you can customize notifications as per your preference. For instance, you may choose to enable notifications just for the comments that other users add to your posts, or for when someone follows you on the network. Notifications can be received both as emails or real-time (push) alerts. You can also specify the Quiet Time during which you wish not to be disturbed by push notifications.

Download SoundTracking for Android

Download Soundtracking for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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