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Sparky Tweets LWP Displays Twitter Updates On Android Homescreen

Live Wallpapers (LWP) have contributed a lot in making Android a success as a smartphone operating system. As can be seen in our comprehensive compilation of some of the best Android Live Wallpapers, some are merely meant to make the homescreen look more appealing, and others add some sort of functionality to it. Among quite a few gorgeous Live Wallpapers that you’ll find on the aforementioned list, there’s one called TwiLPaper, which displays your Twitter Timeline on your home screen. Sparky Tweets is another handy Android LWP that takes a leaf out of the TwiLPaper concept, but the manner in which it displays your latest tweets is a tad different, and quite adorable. A small orange birdie keeps flying into view after a specified time interval, each time carrying a new tweet.


Unofficial Twitter clients are dime a dozen in the Android Market. Some of them focus on just presenting you with some piece of information from your Twitter world on your home screen, whereas other come as as full-fledge Twitter cleint that let you take your tweeting experience to an entirely different level. Needless to say, you must authorize the Live Wallpaper to access your Twitter account so that it can fetch your tweets. Once the Wallpaper is activated, even switching between home screens does not wave the birdie away, as she flaps her way to the middle of the screen, displaying the latest tweets from your Twitter timeline. On a bright note, the app’s main interface doesn’t bamboozle users with too many needless options and menus. Instead, all you get with LWP’s main settings screen is the option to log in to your Twitter account (no prizes to guess that one!), set another wallpaper that matches the shades and colors of the birdie, and specify the desired interval at which Sparky Tweets should fetch new tweets from your Twitter Timeline.


To set the Sparky Tweets as your wallpaper, tap anywhere on a vacant area on your homescreen. From the menu thatappears, select Wallpapers > Live wallpapers >  Sparky Tweets Live Wallpaper > Set wallpaper. Tapping the Settings… button lets you log in to your Twitter account, select a custom background and Set Tweets Interval (set tweets to be updated every 2, 5 or 10 seconds).

Tapping on the birdie’s head displays the next tweet from your Timeline whereas swiping down the sheet opens the URLs included within tweets (if any). Check out the brief demo video of the live wallpaper.

Download Sparky Tweets Live Wallpaper for Android

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