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Speak To Hear A Sentence’s Translation With VoiceTranslator [WP7]

Most of us have used Google Translate at some point in time, or maybe you got the prompt pushed by the search giant automatically when you are on a webpage which is in any foreign language. Similar apps exist for Windows Phone 7 as well, like the recently covered Babylon Translator for Mango phones, but VoiceTranslator is so much more than a mere translation app. To get a word or phrase translated to any language, you just have to speak it to the app, and you will get the desired conversion. Not only that, VoiceTranslator will even speak the translated text out loud for you, so that your pronunciation of the foreign language is correct. To learn more about this awesome app, read on.

VoiceTranslator WP7 VoiceTranslator Languages VoiceTranslator Settings

Despite the usefulness on offer in VoiceTranslator, it is very simple to use. On the main screen, there are both the target and source languages, and you can change either of them by simply tapping their corresponding tile. Once you have chosen the languages, tap and hold the big button below the text boxes. Now say the sentence you want the app to translate. As long as you have an active data or Wi-Fi connection, VoiceTranslator will display the translated sentence in the lower box, and the phrase will also be spoken out loud. If you miss it the first time, the audio can be replayed by tapping the speech icon in the bottom bar.

In our experience, the speech recognition in VoiceTranslator is really good, maybe even better than WP7’s own TellMe, and the translation speed is pretty good as well. The number of offered languages is impressive, and you are likely to find almost all major languages in the app’s menu. When you take a first look at VoiceTranslator, you just have to wonder how such an amazing app can be free, and then you see the ads. In any case, VoiceTranslator is not an app you should miss downloading, and to do so, the web Marketplace link is below.

Download VoiceTranslator

 Update: The latest update of the app has added silence recognition to the mix. This means that now you can read lengthy snippets of text to the app, and your pauses won’t be filled over with gibberish by the app. Somewhat disappointingly though, the app’s interface is still the same and we are sure that most users will love it if there is some improvement in that department in the near future.

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