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Speaklip Is A Clipboard Manager & Text Reader/Translator For Android

While browsing through the Android Market, you can find numerous clipboard management apps that would help you out with notes management. Similarly, you can find quite a few text reading and translating applications for your device. Speaklip for Android combines both the aforementioned features in a single app so that you do not have to use separate tools to manage said tasks. At present, Speaklip supports just a few languages for translation while the future releases promise multi-lingual support.

If you frequently find the need to make important notes from the selected text bits on your Android device and need to make extensive use of this content by getting it read and translated for documentation purposes, then Speaklip could be the exact tool that you are after. The usability and effectiveness of the app is worth admiring. Once the app is installed on your device, all you need to do is copy a chunk of text and Speaklip would be at your service in a jiffy. The pop-up menu of the app allows you to save the selected text into the clipboard for note-taking purposes. Also, you may head over to the the text reader/translator screen with the selected text.

The clipboard feature of Speaklip is packed with quite a few customizable features. You can add new text to the clipboard, prioritize the order of clipboard content as you like, copy the selected text with a single tap and mark all the items from this list for merging, moving and deleting with utmost ease. Speaklip notifies you of any changes that are made in the clipboard content. The text reader/translator screen allows you to get the selected text translated to various available languages. Speaklip can also read the translated text for you out loud. There is apparently no restriction on the number of words that can be fed into the translator window of the app.

Speaklip service keeps running in the background so you do not miss out on any important notes that you would like to copy, read or translate. Moreover, the clipboard content of Speaklip can be accessed anytime by pressing the camera and/or search button for a few seconds. Speaklip service can be disabled from the Settings menu of the app when required.

The app requires some practice before the users can get complete hold on how to use it. May be this is the precise reason that triggered the developer to add a detailed ‘Guide’ within the app. All in all, Speaklip shows signs of becoming a must-have tool for your Android device, especially for users who consistently find the need to take notes and translate bits of text while browsing the web.

Note: Speaklip requires internet connectivity for translations.

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