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Speedy – Speed, Distance And Acceleration Meter For Android

There are countless free speedometer applications and widgets on the Android Market, each trying to help you with maximizing use of your Android’s accelerometer. Whether it’s a pedometer, an odometer or a simple acceleration calculation app, the purpose of most of these apps is to present you with accurate measurements of distance covered by foot,  a vehicle or via any other transportation means. Fresh to the Android Market, Speedy is a similar application that just recently hit the Market bringing with it elements new to the genre. These include selective distance and displacement (shortest distance between to points) measurement in addition to the constantly updated speed, distance, and acceleration meters. So if you’re an Android user who likes to keep tabs on car mileage or a record of the distance traveled during your daily walk, Speedy is a handy tool to have on your device.

Please note that in order for this application to work, your GPS and internet connectivity (mobile data / Wi-Fi) must be enabled and your device must have a satellite line-of-sight (view of the sky). Following are screenshots of the application during a test run done on foot.


The application has a simple, minimalistic interface. At launch, it scans for a GPS signal and on getting a fix on your location, begins to update the speed, distance and acceleration meters. The Trip Meter is disabled on launch and can be enabled by pressing the menu button on your device, tapping Trip Meter and then Start trip meter in the Trip Meter Controls that appear.

The Trip Meter simply measures the distance from the point where the user enables the meter (Set start position) to the one where he disables it (Set end position).


The distance meter, on the other hand, measures the shortest distance (displacement) between said points/GPS coordinates.


The settings menu has some basic options that allow the application to preserve the odometer reading on exit, keep the screen from dimming while it is running, change the orientation of the display and the units of measurement. The Reset option in the application menu lets you reset of a meter/reading of your choice, or all, to zero.

Speedy is available in the Android Market as both, a free, as well as a $0.78 variant. Barring the ads that the free version of the app displays, both said variants support the same set of features.

Download Speedy For Android (Free)

Download Speedy Pro For Android (Paid)

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