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SplashCam For iPhone: Create Selective Color Photos In A Few Taps

There are some iOS apps that strive to do too much all at once, and this leaves them in a rather complicated mess. You are sure to find many photo editors for iPhone that come with a plethora of options, but an average user is likely to give up on the app after trying to apply the “customizable” filters to photos. Simplicity is the key ingredient behind the success of many apps (like Instagram). SplashCam is an iOS app that takes takes simplicity to a whole new level, as it is focused on just one genre of camera filters. Using the app, you can select any color, and the app will suppress all other colors in the photo, giving it a really artistic feel overall. Not only that, SplashCam applies this color filter in real-time, and this means you can see the effect applied to the scene in front of you even before the image is shot.

SplashCam Camera SplashCam Sharing

Like most photography apps these days, SplashCam displays a short graphical tutorial when it is launched for the first time. There are just two main features of the SplashCam that completely define the app. First, you have to choose the color you want to highlight in the photo. There is no separate menu for doing so, and you just have to tap the little brush in the bottom right corner of the main screen. Each time you tap this button, its color will change. Only primary colors are supported by SplashCam, but that isn’t much of an issue, as you can tinker with the filter’s intensity to make it detect the exact color you want to capture. This intensity controller is located at the right of the screen as a slider. The higher you drag the slider, the more intensity SplashCam captures for the selected color. Although, it has to be remembered that if you move the intensity slider too high, other undesired colors will start creeping into the scene as well, so it is better to keep it as low as possible. When you are satisfied with the preview, hit the camera button from the bottom bar after you have focused via touching the screen.

The images captured using SplashCam are saved to the camera roll of your device automatically, and you can share them over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right from within the app (after you have added a caption for the image). Like all good photography apps, SplashCam supports the front-facing camera, and you can control flash settings from the main screen as well. This iPhone-compatible app has recently gone free for a limited time, and in our opinion, SplashCam has the potential of being a pretty nice addition to your app list. You can give it a try by heading to the following link.

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