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SportCaster – Sports News, Scores, Live Tweets & More [Android]

If you are an avid sports fan like me who always wants to stay as close to the gaming action as possible, then SportCaster could be your perfect companion. Scores, stats and rankings are just for the news. Hardcore sports fans love to ‘live’ their games, players and teams. They always want to ‘be in the game’ and know what’s going through the minds of the players, coaches and fans before, during and after each game. For Android users, SportCaster app combines the best of both worlds: conventional sports coverage complemented with live tweets from players and sports personalities. With SportCaster, you can stay in touch with updated news, scores and standings of your favorite sports (NFL, NCAA Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball) and also get an insight of your favorite sports stars in real-time via live tweets.

Developed by OneLouder Apps – developers of the famous TweetCaster app – SportCaster (unsurprisingly) packs both quality and quantity. Using SportCaster is extremely simple. Just sign in with your Twitter account, pick your favorite team / league and you can start following it with SportCaster. The app provides you with live feed of tweets from players, experts, analysts as well as sports journalists. Along with supporting conventional scorecards, in-game statistics, standings and fixtures, SportCaster lets you know personal opinion, previews and reviews of players and commentators alike so that you can enjoy a unique broadcast of sporting events from an altogether different perspective. App’s homescreen is slick, it’s stylish and it presents you with the Scores, Schedules, Standings, Conversations and Fantasy buttons. The app lets you manage your favorite teams and leagues and filter out news and tweets accordingly.

With SportCaster, even your scores are not a mere collection of figures and tables. Along with viewing detailed game statistics, you can enjoy live conversations streamed in from players and sports personalities (on match day) to enjoy your favorite sports all the more. You have the choice of checking out the live tweets coming in from your favorite team or your rivals or both.

Conversation option lets you view and reply to live Twitter feed from some of the top analysts and players all across the world and lets you reply to any tweet. You can also retweet (with comments too), check out user profiles and view replies to a particular tweet. Check up-to-the-minute fantasy news from the top fantasy gurus on Twitter. You may also use advanced filters to search for tweets about players or topics of your choice.


With its unique concept of combining sports coverage with live Twitter feeds, SportCaster vows to add new dimensions to the way in which sports events are broadcasted all over the world. Live sports coverage when coupled with real-time feeds streamed in from one of the social networking giants account for a truly interactive sporting experience. Once the idea is implemented on a larger scale (with more sports added to the service), sports fans all across the globe would be able to enjoy their favorite games in a brand new way.

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