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Sports Tracker For Android – Record, Monitor & Share Your Workouts

For all the workout maniacs who like to record and share their workout experiences with their pals, Sports Tracker could prove to be more than just an ordinary come-and-go Android App. After raking up considerable accolades and acknowledgements from users of its debut platform (Nokia), Sports Tracking Technologies have finally shown up with a much eagerly anticipated Android and iOS variant of the workout-oriented app. The extremely capable sports tracking capabilities, when coupled social network sharing options and advanced GPS features, spell a fantastic workout app that comes to the users in the form of Sports Tracker.

Sports Tracker takes your health, fitness and workout routines to an altogether new level where you can monitor all your health-specific information (heartbeat rate, calories burns, energy consumption etc.) in a professional and categorical manner while at the same time sharing all the recorded data on-the-go with your friends online.

Despite being loaded with numerous advantageous web-based features, Sports Tracker does not consume too much of battery nor does it put any undue load on the phone while running. All your workout details and relevant information is stored in the built-in diary of the app that can be easily accessed through your readily existing Facebook account. This save you from the additional hassle of setting up a manual account for the app itself (although the option is there to be availed if required).


The app has an integrated support for multiple social networking sites and covers two of the most intensely followed social media networking platforms, Facebook and Twitter. In this way, you can share, analyze and backup multimedia (snaps and videos), notifications, workout maps and all the other relevant information pertaining to your workout plans with your friends. Apart from this, the users can also get themselves registered with the online Sports Tracker community to share their own workout stories and ventures with the others users from all across the globe.

The advanced navigation and GPS options enable you to use the maps and tracks from the Sports Tracker website according to your preferences. You can easily set a starting and ending point for your walking, cycling, mountain biking, hiking and roller skating sessions, thereby repeating the procedure in as many laps as you wish. Additionally, there is an ‘Auto-Pause’ option within the app that allows the application to stop automatically in case your pace decreases past a pre-defined threshold (i.e. 2km/hr or 5km/hr). You may explore new workout locations nearby your area to experience a whole new phenomenon of exercising and adventurism along with storing and sharing all the data with your buddies.

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To the utmost delight of hardcore workout-loving folks, Sports Tracker is now available in the Android Market absolutely free of cost.

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