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Spotie: Now Schedule, Trace, Locate & Check-In To Events From Android

Spotie is a location-based event exploring and sharing app for Android and iOS that lets you discover the fun around you. Whether you want to track an ongoing educational event in your vicinity, or want others to know about an upcoming sports festival, Spotie is your go-to tool. In just a few taps, you can search for, track and check in to a place of your liking. While the process of creating an event is simplified via event-based categories, tracking an event is made convenient via various placemarks that are scattered throughout the map, with each referring to a particular event.

With Spotie, you can also learn of other attendees/participants, and/or send invitation requests to your friends. In addition, the app maintains a detailed log of all your attended, upcoming and scheduled events via a comprehensive timeline. Initially released in the iTunes App Store, Spotie is finally available in the Android Market as well.

From the app’s welcome screen, you can sign in with your Facebook or Spotie account. New users can sign up for a fresh account from within the app for free.


Once past that, you’re taken to the app’s homescreen that lists your Spotie Timeline (check-ins) as well as Upcoming events via separate tabs. App notifications can be seen by tapping the button at the top-right side of the homescreen.

To create a new event, tap Menu > Add Event. For each event, you must provide all the necessary information, such as the event title, start/end time, location and category/purpose. You can share the event information on Facebook and/or Twitter, too.


To find activities created/added by other nearby Spotie users, tap Menu > Nearby. All events can be viewed on map as well as list, along with their respective info, schedule, location, and relevant distance from your current place. On map, events are displayed as placemarks, and can be filtered according to the event type and time relevance. While exploring an event page, you can check its brief details, Facebook links (if any), location on map, the total number of comments, and all the participants who’ve either checked in already, or are expected to be in shortly. Tapping the I’m Going button on this screen lets your mates know that ‘you are in’, too!


Once you’ve checked in to a place, you can start interacting with other participants (Spotie users) via chat. In addition, you can also tag images, and make the event all the more memorable in plenty of ways.

Tapping Menu > Me displays your personal Spotie profile, complete with the current location info, and Upcoming, Created and Past events.

Download Spotie For Android


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