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Spotvite: A Fun Way Of Arranging Meetups With Friends [Android]

Planning to watch a movie with your friends in that cinema nearby? Why not plan your activities with Spotvite – a free app for Android that lets you organize meet-ups right from your device for free. With Spotvite, you can keep a close tab on others’ recreational activities and add your own. The app lets you create custom ‘Spotvites’ (activity plans) and throw up an invitation to other users so that they may join in the fun with you at your desired location and time. Through notifications, the app makes sure that you never miss out on an event of interest.

All you need to do to start arranging meet-ups with others via Spotvite is to log in to it with your Facebook account or signup for a new account from within the app for free.


To get a good assessment of your tastes and to fetch like-minded people to share your activities with, the app prompts you to provide three (3) favorite things/activities of yours at startup. Be it Baseball, Thai food, kart racing, rock music, movies or even your favorite workouts, just feed in a category to the app and it will track all relevant ongoing activities in and around your region based on your choice.


On the app’s homescreen, you have all your ongoing as well as upcoming Spotvites listed. The arrow at the bottom of your screen can be dragged/tapped to display all the events in your region on a map. The All button on the left of this arrow can be used to filter Spotvites, the Spotvites that match your search criteria or to list out all the events that you created. On the right, you have all your Notifications.

Still can’t find a fun place in your locality? Why not create an event of your own and start inviting your friends over? This is precisely what the Spotvite search bar (at the top of the app’s homescreen) is there for. Tap on this bar to unveil a plethora of Spotvite options.


You can create custom Spotivtes by picking a favorite category (you’ll find plenty of them), supporting image (powered by Flickr), event time, location and at least one contact/friend of yours. The app lets you sync your events with Google Calendar. You can also opt to announce your events publicly or keep them private (visible only to you and your friends).

You may trace the location of each created event on map and use Google Navigation to get directions to it. Spotvite supports checking in/out of an event, adding comments to it, tracking event progress, the number of active participants as well as those who’ve hosted and attended it. You may also send an invitation to your mail contacts as well as Facebook/Twitter friends.


To check out other Spotvites from worldwide users, tap Menu > Feed. You can also change your three categories of interest from your profile page (Menu > My Profile).

From the app’s settings (tap Menu > Settings), you may play around with your current location and specify the radius (in miles) around you in which you want the app to search for events. Also from this screen, you may enable or disable the app’s notifications for upcoming events and/or for when others join your Spotvite.


In short, Spotvite is a great way of gathering your buddies at your favorite location to participate in some fun activity. All the app needs now is more users.

Download Spotvite for Android


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