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Sprint Zone: Sprint Customer Support & Battery Monitoring App For iOS

Sprint is a carrier which boasts of more than 53 million users, and a considerable percentage of those subscribers are on iPhone. That is the reason the service provider has launched an iOS app, using which Sprint subscribers can gain access to customer support with ease. Not only that, the app will also let you find Sprint and Apple stores near your current location. Even if you are not on Sprint, Sprint Zone can prove helpful, as it can be used to monitor the battery life and running processes on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Sprint Zone iOS Sprint Zone Help

If you are a Sprint user, there is the My Account section for you, where you will have to login with your Sprint Nextel ID, and then you can manage just about any aspect of your account. If you use your Sprint account to login to the app, Sprint Zone will keep you up to date with latest promotions and services being offered by the carrier. For this purpose, push notifications are used. Within the account, users can manage their billing information and any other aspect of their network usage. For non-users, there is the Help menu, and with that, you can view any help topic to make your overall iOS experience better. This section of the app also comes with the option to let you call your nearest Apple Care center. Sprint Zone will generate tips for you as well, regarding customer related issues like privacy and maintenance.

Sprint Zone My Device Sprint Zone Processes Sprint Zone Store Map

The best part of Sprint Zone, for non subscribers, at least, is the My Device menu. This section is all about managing the resources and other performance parameters of your iDevice. Power Controls show the remaining battery life of your device, and when you enter it, you can view the time for which you can keep using your iPhone if you run a particular app, like YouTube, 3D games and the like. The Resources section is laid out pretty similarly to the Power Controls menu, and lists all the running processes, along with their consumption. You can also see the time for which a process has been running.

Sprint Zone lists the Apple and Sprint stores according to their distance from your current location. The stores are displayed on the stock Maps app, and you can view the store details by simply tapping the pin. Sprint Zone is a free app, and even if you are not a subscriber of the carrier, you still might find the app useful for its resource management features.

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