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Square For Windows Phone 7: Fast Contacts & Photo Sharing Via QR Codes

It has been discussed Ad nauseam on a variety of forums that Windows Phone 7, like iOS, does not support Bluetooth file transfer. For this reason, the Mango community is always looking for new ways to transfer data quickly and efficiently between two devices, and even across platforms. Square, the newly released WP7 app, is the perfect solution for sharing contacts, images and your business card with people in your vicinity. The app works with QR codes, and allows you to send and receive data within seconds. Read on to know all about this excellent app.

Square WP7 Square Homepage Square QR Code

To receive anything via a QR code, launch the app and tap on the Snap tile. This will launch the QR scanner, and you can save any data saved within that code to your phone. To share something from your phone with other smartphone owners, you have two options. Square allows both Image and Contact sharing. Tapping on either of the tiles takes you to the respective hub, and from there you have to choose the entry. Depending upon the size of the image, the app will take a few moments to generate it’s respective QR code, and upload it to its server. This is the reason you must make sure that you have an active data connection while using Square. Once you have the code, any user near you can use their device to scan it, and from there, the data can be accessed from the scanner’s device, too.

Square can be used for another purpose as well, and that is the sharing of your business card and contact info. The app allows you to set up a business card, and every time you have to introduce yourself, all you have to do is hold up the QR code of that business card. Square comes with the option of letting users pin the app’s scanner to their Start screen. If you want, you can also pin your business card to the Start menu, and that way, you will be able to share your credentials with a single touch.

In our experience, the app worked flawlessly when we used an Android phone to scan the QR code of an image created by Square. The app is available for free at the web Marketplace link given below, and if you have a data plan, then Square is sure to make your life a whole lot easier.

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